Row Schedule for Canada Day Weekend

This is a test post. Try it out to see if it works. Feedback welcome!

Click on a row time to see details, including available LTR seats. Add a comment if you wish to sign up for a row either in an LTR seat or as a level 1 or 2 rower.

5 thoughts on “Row Schedule for Canada Day Weekend

  1. This is great Toni…significant progress indeed. I am still on to coach at seven PM. I may come at five too if the weather continues to improve. I have put this blog in my Favourites so I can get to it fast!

  2. (That was Daphne up there – not sure how to stop being 'Anonymous' – I suppose I could have signed my coment…new to this technology!)…Daphne

  3. Hi Toni – I'm not sure if I'm duplicating this but I just received a message from Stephen reminding us to sign up for LTR seats next week. We (Charlotte and I) signed up for 2 LTR seats next week on July 7 (7-9) and July 8 (5-7). Can you make sure we're on the schedule. Thanks! Jennifer La Rosa

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