Row Schedule for July 18 – 24

Use the arrows at the top to select the correct week if it’s not already showing. Scroll down in the calendar to view evening rows. Leave a comment to book a row seat – make sure to include your name, and the date and time of row you wish to sign up for.

Remember, there must be at least one L2 rower signed up for each boat – right now, 1 quad and 3 doubles – so, 4 seats are for L2. If only 1 L2 signs up, then the max number of other rowers will be 3. Please take note of how many L2 rowers have signed up for a row before you sign up for a 4th or 5th seat, etc. SIGNING UP AHEAD OF TIME WILL HELP ENSURE ENOUGH L2 ROWERS TO ACCOMMODATE EVERYONE AS PER SAFETY STANDARDS!

14 thoughts on “Row Schedule for July 18 – 24

  1. Daphne here – I can be an L2 person on Tuesday AM and 5 PM on Tuesday night. I can also do Friday AM. Possibly more but not sure yet – DD

  2. Hi Toni – I'd like to sign up for Wed am, Thurs am and Sunday am and pm, if possible All the rest of my time is sucked up by soccer….again! Thanks,

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