Row Schedule for July 4-10, 2011

Click on a row time to view details, including LTR seats available. (You may need to navigate to the correct week using the arrows at the top. Scroll down in the calendar to view evening rows.)

If you wish to book an LTR seat for a row, click “comments” and add a comment, including your name and the row you wish to sign up for. Comments will be checked and the schedule updated several times a day.

22 thoughts on “Row Schedule for July 4-10, 2011

  1. Hi Toni,
    I'd like to sign myself and Dad (Ernie) up for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
    I have one more row in LTR. Dad already has his 5 in.

  2. Toni,

    Ginnie Stewart here.
    Pls book me for:Sat July 9,11 at 6 pm to 8 pm
    all other evenings I am working so likely will drop in at 5:30 a.m.throughout week if rows are still on and some rowers do not show up….
    Ta Toni (and Stephen) for setting up blog and updating it…

  3. Hi Toni,
    Can I have a seat on the Tuesday July 5/11 row from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM? That will be my 5th LTR outing if a seat is available.
    Joe Murphy

  4. Hi Tony,

    I would like to please reserve a seat on Friday's 5:30 – 7:30am row, and Saturday's 6-8am row.

    Alexander McGinn

  5. Hi Toni,
    It was really nice to see you and Hanna this morning.
    How about I try again Thursday morning and Friday morning?
    Back to bed:)

  6. Hi Toni,

    I'd like to sign up for Saturday, July 9 at 6:00am and then Monday / Wednesday mornings (5:30am – 7:30am) thereafter.

    I have a couple of LTRs left.


    Mike Currie

  7. PLEASE NOTE: There will be no open row Friday 7-9pm. This time is set aside for training of experienced rowers.

    The 5-7pm row is still on.

  8. Hi Toni – FYI, I will be coming Thursday AM the 7th to help out as needed, and can also come to one of the evening rows. Perhaps we can decide where I would be most useful in the evening, when we chat tomorrow AM. Daphne D.

  9. HI Toni
    I signed up for 5 pm Thursday, July 7. I signed the sheet when I wwas there on Saturday, July 2. Just checking to make sure that list is current and I'm still on for tonight. Thanks.
    Elizabeth Boehner

  10. Please sign me up for the open row on Tuesday, July 12 at 5:30 pm and the Thursday, July 14 open row at 5:30 PM.
    Elizabeth Boehner

  11. Toni
    I just noticed I said in the previous post 5:30 pm instead of 5 pm for those rows on July I2 and July 14. It is the 5-7 time slot I want to book.

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