Rowing PEI Attends the Around the Lake Regatta

The Around the Lake Regatta was held again on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, NS this past weekend, and a contingent proudly represented Rowing PEI in our first foray into the regatta scene! The regatta was hosted by the MicMac Rowing Club, who were very welcoming and supportive. Not only did they lend us racing sculls so we could compete, they also held a mini training session for our members in the basics of racing in a regatta, and let us practice in the sculls the day before.

For all of us (except Marjo) it was the first time we’d ever been in a racing scull! Quite different from our touring boats, for sure! Friday was a hair-raising experience as we struggled to manoeuvre the racing doubles around lanes and bouys in the wind. Nathan even tried a racing single for the very first time and experienced re-entering it from the coach boat after being plucked from the lake waters.

The morning of the regatta was beautiful when we first arrived at the lake, but shortly before the start of the first flight of races the fog rolled in, delaying the start. Rowers in the warm-up area had to wait on the water in the fog until visibility improved enough to begin the races.

Mike and Nathan were the first to experience the race, rowing in the first flight in the Novice Men’s Double. In the second flight, the Open Mixed Double race had two PEI entries: Cheryl and Stephen, and Hannah and Mike. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), we were not able to borrow enough double sculls for our Novice Women’s teams to compete, but we combined them to row an exhibition row with Daphne, Nancy, Mary Lynne, and Toni in a quad. We all cheered Marjo who rowed in the Senior Women’s Single in the third flight!

After practising our sweep oars on the dock the evening before, we were somewhat anxious but excited nonetheless to row the 500m dash in a coxed eight. Nevermind that none of us had ever been in an eight before, or used a sweep oar before; most of us would not be dissuaded from giving it a go. So, with Marjo rigged for sound in the cox seat, and Nathan’s size 13s strapped to the boat shoes, we set off to make history once again for Rowing PEI. Getting ourselves to the start of the race was considered our training and warmup all in one. Kudos to Marjo for keeping us in the lane and coxing us all the way to the finish closely behind the other entry.
Lastly, Marjo and Mary Lynne rowed with arms and body only as an adaptive double to participate in the last dash of the day. This was followed by an amazing buffet lunch provided by MicMac Club volunteers, a dip in the lake, and the awards presentations. All-in-all it was an unforgettable experience!! 
Special thanks to Marjo who, as summed up best by our Daphne, was invaluable as our “chef de mission” and her support and skill pulled us through in style! Marjo, we can’t thank you enough for your problem solving and general regatta expertise, from start-number-duct-taping to novice-eight-coxing. All you did brings new meaning to the old expression “we would have been lost without you”. You made it a comfortable and special first regatta for us!

Looking forward to the next regatta and an even bigger Team Rowing PEI!!

Row Schedule for August 28 to September 3, 2011

The times they are a-changin’, due to the shift in sunrise and sunset times, so take note of the row times posted. We may not have more than a week or two more of morning rows during the week. We are already down to one row in the evenings. We have also dispensed with the restricted L2 rows on Friday evenings. There are too few available row times and the weather is not very reliable, so we’re opening those up again to accommodate everyone. Remember to arrive at the dock by the posted row time to assist in readying the boats and claim your seat for the row. Let’s make these next few weeks count!!

Change in Sign-up Strategy

We will be dispensing with the sign-up for now, as most people haven’t been signing up ahead lately. This is probably due to most rows being cancelled lately. I’m sure if the weather was sunny and calm we’d have much more excitement about getting out on the water.

The schedule will be posted soon, so people are aware of the row times as they change. Over the next weeks the sunrise and sunset times will necessitate altering our row schedule on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a sunnier picture to brighten your day!