The Boats Are On The Dock!

Great news! Our boats are now on the dock at the Charlottetown Yacht Club. It was a great morning of team work. Thanks to Stephen, Mike, Ernie, Greg, Jason, Mary Lynne, Desiree and Cheryl. We needed eight to lift the coastal quad and we got it done. One step closer to being on the water.

boatmove8 boatmove1 boatmove2 boatmove3 boatmove4 boatmove5 boatmove6 boatmove7

Moving boats – this Saturday – HELP NEEDED!

HELP NEEDED! This Saturday May 17th we are moving our fleet of boats from the barn in Stratford to the Charlottetown Yacht Club then down to the docks. Meet at the barn in Stratford (2 Premier’s Lane off Bunbury Rd in Stratford) at 10:00 a.m. Then we’ll head down to the CYC to unload. The more hands the better! Please help us get the season off to a great start.