Information Session about Competitive Rowing

Rowing PEI held an info session on Sunday about the opportunities to train for competitive rowing.  These are open to members of all ages and levels of experience.

Stephen Murray talked about the regatta schedule.  (link to the entire schedule is at the top of this page)   Stephen highlighted the regatta in Alma, Quebec, which is the only regatta exclusively for coastal boats.  It is a “head race”.  You “wet launch” the boats from a beach and then row for about an hour on a marked course out on Lac St. Jean.  Last year, Mary Lynne Bruvels and Daphne Dumont competed in Alma.  If there is interest, board member and LTR coach Daphne Dumont has offered to take a group of rowers to the Alma regatta on Saturday July 12th.

The following weekend, July 19th is the Sprints at Lake Banook in Dartmouth.  This is an amazing facility…with lanes of buoys that you race down.  Several groups from Rowing PEI have competed at the Sprints.  These are flatwater boats ….or “skinny boats” as we coastal rowers call them.

Technical coach Mike Gibson took a team of ten youth to the Canada Games last year.  He suggests that anyone who wants to try competitive rowing should try to get out in our flatwater fleet this season.  We have a racing quad and a lightweight double and a couple of racing singles.  Canada Games alumnae Nathan Gibson and Travis Cheverie have started training as technical coaches.  They will be available to take interested rowers out in the flatwater boats.  There are other Canada Games rowers in the club who also have experience in the skinny boats, as do several Masters rowers.

If you are interested in trying a seat in one of these boats, watch for them in Sign Up Genius.  The coaches will sign up in a boat and then you are welcome to sign up for a seat.   It is …as always on the Charlottetown Harbour…weather dependent!!!  The flatwater boats can only go out in ideal conditions, especially with novice rowers.  So prepare to wait for the perfect opportunity.  It will be worth it!

Mike Gibson has also offered to give off-season training programs for anyone who is interested in preparing to compete next season…whether as a youth or Masters rower. We will have our own Rowing PEI trailer next year which will allow us to take our fleet to regattas.  It’s another exciting step in our development as a club.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have to coaches Mike Gibson, Stephen Murray, Nathan Gibson and Travis Cheverie.  If you have questions about Alma, Daphne Dumont and Mary Lynne Bruvels can help you out.

See you on the water!