Post Tropical Storm Arthur


Thanks to the team of volunteers who tied down and kept an eye on our boats all weekend as Post Tropical Storm Arthur approached…and hit…the Charlottetown Yacht Club.

On Friday, a group led by Mike Gibson and his power screwdriver secured all of the boat platforms to the rowing docks.  Then all of the boats were securely strapped down.  The quad was lowered to the dock on top of some old tires to keep it from toppling over.

On Saturday, the watch began.  The wind was coming from the south, which meant it was going to hit the Yacht Club full force.  On Friday, about 25 power and sailboats were lifted out of the water.  The ones who chose to stay in the water tied up as best they could in anticipation of 90 km + gusts.

By Saturday afternoon, some of the docks were beginning to come apart.  That was bad news for our rowing fleet because pieces of the docks were being pushed towards our boats.  Some CYC volunteers worked hard to get the floating bits secured and away from our sculls.


CYC volunteers lifting debris away from our rowing docks

On Saturday afternoon, Rowing PEI volunteers began taking shifts so that we had a continuing presence at the Yacht Club.  The winds were picking up and the worst was yet to come.


Saturday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. – significant wave action with higher gusts still to come

By Saturday evening, one sailboat had sunk and the dock it was on had split away.  Another boat broke free and was pushed towards Victoria Park where it crashed on the rocks.  Our boats were holding (with a few extra line replacements along the way).  They were tense hours, hoping the rest of the docks would hold.


Saturday afternoon – our boats are secured and the docks are holding – with a few reinforcements


Saturday afternoon – this is the dock that will break away several hours later





Sunday morning – lots of debris

We can report that our boats appear unscathed.  By Sunday morning, there was a lot of debris in the water around our red safety boat. We are hoping that nothing was punctured. A lot of debris was also piled up on our docks.


Sunday afternoon, the crane lifts the sunken sailboat “Surprise”


Floating debris around our rowing docks


Sunday afternoon

The clean-up is now underway.  At latest report, the CYC will have a dumpster on site on Monday and all of the debris will be removed from the docks.

If you are signed up to row on Monday, please check your email before you head down to the docks.

Again…many thanks to the volunteers who took care of our boats this weekend…both from Rowing PEI and from the Charlottetown Yacht Club.