Join us for a night at Dooly’s! Saturday November 1st

It’s time for Rowing PEI members to polish up their pool cues!

We are hosting a night of pool at Dooly’s in Charlottetown on Saturday November 1st.  The action gets underway at 7:30 p.m.  We will have free pizza (veggie too!) around 8:30 and then more pool until about 10:30 p.m.

If you’re not interested in pool, no worries.  There is always lots of lively discussion of the rowing season gone by…and what everyone is looking forward to when we get the boats out again in the spring.

We hope you can join us.  Partners, family and friends are most welcome.  Please let us know if you will be attending.  But if you decide at the last minute that you can attend, we will be happy to see you.

See you at Dooly’s!*

Your Rowing PEI Board of Directors

*if you need directions, it’s 157 Kent Street.  If you’ve been here a while, next to the old Myron’s. LOL

A Win at the Atlantic Rowing Championships

Congratulations to Rowing P.E.I.’s visitor from Holland who scored a gold medal over the weekend at the Atlantic Rowing Championships.rowing2 rowing4

Mike van Dongen is a Dutch student currently on Prince Edward Island as an exchange student at U.P.E.I.   At his home university, he rowed for a student rowing student association for two years.   And he participated for two years in the national student freshman rowing competition league.
Mike joined us on the water a couple of times this fall, getting a taste for coastal rowing.  When a couple of Rowing P.E.I. members were heading to Antigonish to umpire at the Atlantic Rowing Championships, Mike jumped at the chance to join them.
And jump in, he did.  Mike Van Dongen came first in the men’s 8, rowing starboard 5th position in the open men’s eight for Team New Brunswick.  Here’s the play by play from Stephen Murray: “He jumped in a boat with the NB crew and they were able to take the lead position in the first 500 meters and hold the lead through the full 2 kilometers winning by a meter and a half.” 
Mike was kind enough to share some of his photos with us.  This is a chance for Rowing P.E.I. members to see the beautiful facility that has been built at Lochaber, N.S.
Congrats Mike!

Rowing P.E.I.’s New Wheels


Getting a new boat is usually the big excitement for rowing clubs. But in this case, Rowing P.E.I. is even more excited about a new purchase that doesn’t float.

Rowing P.E.I. has a new set of wheels.

While a new trailer may sound like a minor accomplishment for a sporting organization, this is big news for the fledgling rowing club.   It means they can now transport their fleet of boats to regional and even national competitions.

“Being mobile is a huge deal,” says Rowing P.E.I. president Michael Gibson, who is also the club’s highest-level coach. “As we prepare for the next Canada Games, it’s crucial that we are able to get our young Island athletes to regional competitions. This will keep them developing at the same rate as other rookie rowers in the Maritimes.”

Rowing P.E.I. is now beginning the process of recruiting athletes for the upcoming 2017 Canada Games. The Games are in Manitoba but the rowing competition will be held just across the Ontario border in Kenora. Rowing P.E.I. took a team of ten athletes to the last Games in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

“We have so much more to offer young athletes now, ” explains Gibson.  “We were very new at the last Games. Now we have a fleet of boats and, with the trailer, the ability to take them where we need to be during the competitive season. ”

The club also has an inspiring role model for new rowers in Emily Cameron. Cameron grew up in Summerside and started rowing as an adult, at the University of Toronto. She rose quickly through the competitive ranks and has been a member of the national team since 2010. Cameron has her eye on the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

When Emily Cameron returns to P.E.I. to visit family, she always fits in a visit with her fans at Rowing P.E.I.

“It has been really exciting to see the growth of the sport in my home province, ” says Cameron.   “They are great supporters and I’m happy to help them however I can. ”
And it turns out that Rowing P.E.I. may be on the cutting edge of one of the hottest growing areas of the sport of rowing.

Coastal rowing is becoming increasingly popular in Canada.  Coastal boats are wider and sturdier than traditional rowing sculls. They are designed for more turbulent coastal waters, including the conditions in the Charlottetown Harbour.   Rowing P.E.I. currently has one of the country’s largest fleets of coastal boats, including two coastal doubles, a quad with cox seat and a coastal single. They allow the club to offer times on the water that would be considered “un-rowable” in the narrower sculls.

Now there are quiet whispers of coastal rowing perhaps one day becoming an Olympic event. Rowing Canada reports that the sport is taking root in many parts of the world.   It has already taken off in Europe and rowers are now beginning to discover it in more parts of Canada, including a group in Toronto who row out on Lake Ontario.
There is already a popular coastal regatta in Alma, Quebec. Organizers reports that the 2014 Festirame had a 35% increase in the number of participants, from 3 different provinces, with 95 seats registered compared to 61 in 2013.   The event was covered by regional, provincial, and international media outlets.
Rowing P.E.I. is hoping to follow closely in the wake of the Alma success story.   The club organized a small-scale local coastal regatta in 2014, with 22 rowers participating. The goal is to eventually build to a regional event in years ahead. The possibility of an international event, featuring P.E.I.’s beaches, is the club’s ultimate dream.
In the meantime, with the boats tucked away for the winter, the focus is on recruiting more members for 2015. And Rowing P.E.I. is hoping to put many kilometers on that shiny new trailer in the season ahead. Have trailer, will travel.

For more information or for an interview, please contact Michael Gibson, President of Rowing P.E.I. or


Order your Rowing PEI Apparel Now!

Rowing PEI apparel is now available if you’re interested in ordering.

This year, we are offering a wide variety of items and colours for you to choose from.  Links and mock-ups are attached for your review.

Costs are included for cresting as it appears in the attached pictures.  Pricing for the Rowing PEI crest (front and back) is included for the cotton t-shirt and hoodie.  Pricing for the Rowing PEI crest (front only) is included for the New Balance Performance apparel, however, there is an additional $5 charge if you want large print cresting on the back.

The deadline to place your order with East Coast Cresting is October 17.  Questions regarding apparel should be directed to East Coast Cresting.

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Once you’ve chosen your apparel and colours from the attached links, visit East Coast Cresting (ECC) located at 375 University Avenue in Charlottetown (behind Source for Sports) to place your order.  ECC is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.  They have sample clothing available if you wish to try it on for sizing purposes.  Payment is required in advance at the time of ordering.  You will receive an email message from Rowing PEI when your order is ready to pick up.  Sample pictures are attached.  Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who may not receive this message but would still be interested in purchasing Rowing PEI apparel.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
Thanks, Liza