Moving Forward

rowing salvage 4 rowing salvage 1 rowing salvage 2 rowing salvage 3

There was good news and bad news when we finally got into the barn where the Rowing P.E.I. fleet had been stored.

The bad news is that four of our boats have been destroyed.  They are the racing single, the racing quad, the coastal single and one of our two coastal doubles.

The good news is that our brand new trailer appears to have done better than we first thought.  Many thanks to Linkletter Welding and to our Rowing P.E.l. design team for creating a trailer that could sustain this kind of impact.  And thanks to the hard-working salvage crew from FirstOnSite, the coastal quad was rescued.  Both of these items were valued around $15,000.  Losing the trailer and the coastal quad would have been an even bigger setback.

The rescue operation started in earnest on Monday March 23.  The plan was to peel back the walls of the metal barn to try to prevent further collapse.

The crew moved quickly and was able to move our boats and equipment out without further damage.  That includes our oars and safety boat which were also stored in the barn.

Rowing P.E.I. President Mike Gibson is now working closely with our insurance company, Cooke Insurance, to move forward to replace the boats we have lost.  The trailer will be sent to Linkletter Welding for inspection and repairs.  We are optimistic it can be ready for use again very soon.

Rowing P.E.I. is moving forward.  Our registration date remains Saturday April 25th.  We are planning to start our Learn to Row program in May as planned.

We have had incredible response from Cooke Insurance and from FirstOnSite.  But Rowing P.E.I. will still have some unexpected expenses as a result of the barn collapse.  We will be launching a fundraising campaign — hopefully by the end of this week.

Please help spread the word that we need some help. Not a lot.  But we are a very small organization.  We have big dreams of growing coastal rowing on P.E.I.  This has been a setback but we’re ready to move forward.

Stay tuned for more news on our fundraising efforts soon.

Thanks – Rowing P.E.I. Board of Directors




Rowing P.E.I. Fleet Damaged in Snow Collapse of Barn Roof

rowing damage 2 crushed boatsrowing damage 1 barnrowing damage 3 more crushed boats

Message from Rowing P.E.I. president Mike Gibson:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform people that the barn storing our fleet has collapsed under the unrelenting snow. I was able to get out to see it yesterday and will be meeting with the insurance adjuster later this week. At this moment I do not know what it will mean for us, we certainly will continue on. I will be able to post more when I know more.

You can read more on the CBC P.E.I. website:

Stay tuned.  The board of Rowing P.E.I. is fully committed to being back on the water in late May, early June.  We will be looking for your support in the days and weeks ahead.


Looking for Safety Boat drivers!! Can you help?

Rowing P.E.I. is looking for Safety Boat drivers for the upcoming rowing season. Please consider giving us a hand!

Safety Boat drivers are an essential component of our Rowing Club.

Safety Boat drivers operate the safety boat to accompany rowers in sculls during the rowing season and are particularly in demand in late May and June when the water is cold and a safety boat is required for all rows.

Later in the summer, the safety boat goes out depending on the number of boats in the water.   In addition to operating the safety boat, the “safety” is also responsible to determine if weather conditions permit rowing and to cancel the row if conditions are not favourable.

The safety position is a fun and interesting role and the safety personnel meet at the beginning of the season to review the safety policy, develop a schedule and ensure we have all our equipment in good order. There is required training listed below and support is provided by experienced safeties to new safeties.

The pre-requisites to be a safety are:

Possession of a current First Aid CPR certificate. This training is available from the Red Cross, St. John Ambulance and others.

Completion of a Boat Rescue course which is a half-day course delivered at the CARI pool usually in May. The cost is covered by the club.

Completion of the on-line Pleasure Craft Operator’s licence course. This course is less than 20 dollars and takes about five hours at most to do the pre-reading and take the on-line exam.

Demonstrated ability to operate the safety boat. Greg Clayton from our club provides an orientation and practice sessions to interested safeties.

Please consider supporting the rowing season by volunteering to be a safety. If you’re interested please contact Mary-Lynne Bruvels at