Please join us Saturday!

rowing new boats 1

This is Mike Gibson, president of Rowing PEI.

If you are new to rowing welcome, if you are returningwelcome back.

In preparation for our rowing season we will be moving ourboats from their winter storage location and placing them on the docks at theCharlottetown Yacht Club (CYC) this Saturday, May 23. This work is always made easier if we have lots of hands.  We are planning to have the trailer to theCYC for 11:00 am, if you are available to help we would appreciate it if youcould be at the CYC for that time.  TheCYC is located at the foot of Pownal St. if you have not been therebefore.  This weekend there will also bea lot of boats being put into the water with the crane so the parking lot atthe CYC will not be available for cars, just park up the street.  If we have sufficient numbers helping weshould be able to complete the job within a couple of hours.  Even if you haven’t started with us yetplease feel welcome to come and help it will be much appreciated and it is agreat opportunity to learn about how we handle the boats and you will get tosee our brand new coastal boats get unwrapped, it is like Christmas in May.

For those who are returning there will be a refresherhappening in the grand hall starting at 9:00 am.  This is to go over the commands and also giveyou pointers on how to assist new rowers as we have quite a few we will betraining over the next few weeks and will need the assistance of level tworowers to help. 

It looks like it might be a wet weekend so dress appropriatelybut the work needs to get done rain or shine. I hope to see many of you on Saturday.


Mike Gibson