Rowing P.E.I. hats, hoodies and shirts available to order until Monday June 22nd

We are now taking orders for Rowing P.E.I. apparel.
NOTE: Deadline to order is Monday June 22nd in person at East Coast Cresting.
*quick deadline so rowers going to Alma can purchase clothing to wear at the regatta.

We are offering a wide variety of items and colours for you to choose from.  Links and mock-ups are attached for your review.  The pricing provided in the details below includes the Rowing PEI crest.  There is an additional $5 charge if members want large print cresting on the back of New Balance Performance Wear apparel.

To place your order, please visit East Coast Cresting (ECC).  ECC is located behind Source for Sports on University Avenue and they are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.   Members will pay ECC directly.  Sample pictures are attached.

Costs are included for cresting as it appears in the attached pictures.

The deadline to place your order is Monday June 22, 2015.

Questions – call East Coast Cresting or drop us an email at

Moisture Wicking Caps – $15+HST

Cotton T-Shirt –  $12.95+HST

Cotton Hoodie – $26.90+HST

New Balance Moisture Wicking Tank – $18.90+HST
Men’s –
Ladies –

New Balance Moisture Wicking T-Shirt – $18.90+HST
Men’s –
Ladies –

New Balance Moisture Wicking Sleeveless – $16.90+HST
Men’s –
Ladies –