Order your Rowing P.E.I. gear now – at East Coast Cresting

Another Rowing P.E.I. Clothing Order – are you interested?

Here’s a chance to get some great Rowing P.E.I. gear in time for our regatta.
NOTE: Deadline to order is August 12th in person at East Coast Cresting.
*to have the clothing in time for Red Island Regatta on August 27thWe are offering a wide variety of items and colours for you to choose from.  Links and mock-ups are attached for your review.  The pricing provided in the details below includes the Rowing PEI crest.  There is an additional $5 charge if members want large print cresting on the back of New Balance Performance Wear apparel.

To place your order, please visit East Coast Cresting (ECC).  ECC is located behind Source for Sports on University Avenue and they are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.   Members will pay ECC directly.  Sample pictures are attached.

Costs are included for cresting as it appears in the attached pictures.

The deadline to place your order is Friday August 12, 2016.

Questions – call East Coast Cresting or drop us an email at rowingpei@gmail.comMoisture Wicking Caps – $15+HST

Cotton T-Shirt –  $12.95+HST

Cotton Hoodie – $26.90+HST

New Balance Moisture Wicking Tank – $18.90+HST
Men’s – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB9138
Ladies – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB9138L

New Balance Moisture Wicking T-Shirt – $18.90+HST
Men’s – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB7118
Ladies – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB7118L

New Balance Moisture Wicking Sleeveless – $16.90+HST
Men’s – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB7117
Ladies – https://www.technosport.com/sites/EN/WEnglish/Enterprise%20Portal/itemView.aspx?WCMP=tsc1&Item=NB7117L

Celebrating Emily Cameron!

emily boat

Thank you to everyone who was part of our celebration for Emily Cameron, the rower, and Emily Cameron – the boat!

We are so pleased to name our new racing quad in honour of Emily, with many thanks to her parents, Scott and Susan Cameron, who made a $5,000 donation towards the purchase.

We had many other generous donations at our celebration, to raise more than $4,000 on the evening.

.  emjily celebr 3 emily celebr 1 emily celebr 2 emily celebr 4 emily ch 1 emily ch 2 emily christens the boat

Watch the video here: emily champage video

And a special thank you to Andrew Jago and the team at Hudson.  A midweight quad is a very sought-after boat in Canada. Not only did they find one for us, they also sold it to us a reduced price that was within our fundraising budget.  We are proud to have this quad as part of our Rowing P.E.I. fleet.

A warm thanks to Fred Hyndman for his wonderful support. More on that to come!  Fred comes from a family steeped in P.E.I. rowing history

We also want to thank Gord Henry from Fluid – who is loaning us a heavyweight double for the next two years.  Gord was born in Summerside, P.E.I. though his family didn’t live there for long.  He is still a great supporter of Prince Edward Island and we hope he will visit us this summer.  By the way, Gord rowed for Canada at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul and made history as the only Canadian male to row in both sculling and sweep competitions.  We will have to ask him more about that when he visits!

And last, but not least, thank you to Chris Williams who is loaning us two Van Dusen singles for our training team to use. Also very generous.

As we said at the christening ceremony – it takes a village to raise a rowing club. We at Rowing P.E.I. thank you all.

Nancy Russell – on behalf of the board of Rowing P.E.I. and the Canada Games training team