2018 Coastal Rowing Adventures

*this page is under construction and the tours offered here are still in the planning stages! But contact us if you’re interested in finding out more: rowingpei@gmail.com

Coastal Rowing Adventure

 Climb aboard one of our sturdy coastal rowing sculls and experience the beauty of P.E.I.’s shoreline from the water.

We’ll teach you the basics, then take you for a row, stopping along the way for some great scenery and a bit of Island history.

 Coastal rowing is described as the “extreme” or the “adventure” side of rowing.

We still go backwards—just like the boats that you see in the Olympics. But our coastal boats are specially designed for open water. They are sturdier and are open at the stern, so that water that comes over the side can drain out the back as we row!

You don’t need any rowing experience to join us for an adventure row.

Coastal rowing is easier to learn than flat-water rowing, partly because the stability and sturdiness of coastal rowing equipment compared to Olympic-style boats.

Rowing is a great low-impact full body workout.

We will tailor the distance and speed of the row to the fitness level of our guests, but a moderate level of fitness would be advised.

We will also provide a healthy snack featuring some great P.E.I. food items.

Row to Rocky Point/Port-la-Joye-Fort Amherst

Port-la-Joye—Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada

Row to Roma or Panmure Island

*for the Roma excursion, we will land and visit the historic site: http://www.roma3rivers.com/

ALL ADVENTURE ROWS ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT: Safety is key for Rowing P.E.I. If there is lightning within 50 kilometres of our location, we cancel. We will also cancel in extreme winds or rain. But getting wet is part of the coastal rowing experience, so we advise that you dress in layers, wear footwear that can get wet and bring a change of clothes for when we return to shore, just in case!

More about coastal rowing:

Coastal rowing is growing in popularity around the world, especially in Italy, France and Great Britain. There has been a World Coastal Rowing Championship since 2006.

In Canada, Rowing P.E.I. has the only coastal rowing fleet in the Maritimes. There are also coastal rowing clubs in Quebec, Toronto and in British Columbia.

Experiential Tourism:

HANDS -ON – yes

COMMUNITY EXPERTS – yes, our Rowing PEI members who will be leading the excursions are the experts in coastal rowing. They are also very knowledgeable about the waters where we row, including the history of the area.

beautiful scenery
smell of the water
salty air – and unique P.E.I. picnic
sound of the waves – there is no motor to distract from the beautiful sound of the boat moving through the water
On a calm day, you can see the “puddles” from your oars as the boat glides across glass.
More often it’s windy, so you feel the rocking of the waves and the wind, but also feel how totally secure you are in our coastal boats.

UNIQUE TO PEI – there are other on the water experiences but none offer the opportunity to learn to row as well as be out on the water – it’s not a sport that many people have had the option to try so we think that will add to the appeal for several of the target demographics
PERSONAL, UNIQUE AND INTIMATE – being in a boat is intimate!!

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