Canada Games Training Team 2017

We will post here to keep all club members – and the public – up to date on the progress of the 2017 Canada Games Rowing training team!

Here is a very important link to the Technical Information about rowing at the Canada Games 2017:


rowing team

The Rowing P.E.I. training team is putting their fundraising campaign into action in in January 2016.  The team – with help from a special guest captain – will be rowing the distance from Charlottetown to Winnipeg, host city for the 2017 Canada Games.

The young rowers will be logging their time on ergs – or indoor rowing machines – to make the required number of kilometres.  The fundraising target is $3400 – one dollar for each kilometre. 3400 kilometres over 8 weeks sounds daunting.  But the P.E.I. training team has some help.  Honourary captain Emily Cameron is a member of the Canadian rowing team, training in London, Ontario. Her kilometres on the erg will also count towards the total distance to Winnipeg.It’s going to take a lot of hours – and sweat and hard work – to row from Charlottetown to Winnipeg.  Just as it’s going to take a lot of hours and sweat and hard work to get the P.E.I. team to the Games.

The $3400 will go towards purchasing the race boats that these young athletes need to train for the Games in 2017.  Time is of the essence because they need the boats by May to start training.

You can follow the team’s progress here:

Check out our rowers on CBC Television:  (story starts around 1:50)

Here is a news release about our fundraising campaign:

The Canada Games training team is happening!  They had the first workout session at Holland College with head coach Mike Gibson on Saturday November 7th.  Because these athletes are also involved in other sports, the group will aim to get together once a week over the winter —to work on erging and getting to know each other.  Here is a look at workout #1.