2017 Learn to Row

Learn to Row 2017

Learn to Row is your entry point to the wonderful sport of rowing! Whether you’re looking for a low impact, full body workout, a way to get out on the water, a chance to meet some great people or a combination, it all starts here.

No experience with water sports is needed and it is a great substitute for exercise after being in the gym all winter.

You can row recreationally but there is also the opportunity for all ages to compete. Our coastal boats are made especially for the wind and wave conditions on the Harbour. We row out of the Charlottetown Yacht Club from May to October.

1. Go to the Rowing Canada website


2. Create an account
If you are new, make a note of your user name, password and member number
3. Once you have logged in, go down the page to Membership
Click on Join a Rowing Program/Register
4. Select PEI and Rowing PEI
5. You will come to a page listing the programs.  Click JOIN on the program you want.  (They are listed below.)
6. On the next page:
You will have to scroll down the Waiver 2017
7.  Then click the box    “I have read and agree to the terms in this consent form.”
8.  Read “I certify that I am ______________and have read and agree to the terms and conditions associated with this program and or membership.”
Click Accept  or Cancel
9. You should get an email confirmation.
10.  You must pay to activate your membership.
Cost of Learn to Row is $130
You can drop off a cheque or cash to Daphne Dumont’s office, Macnutt and Dumont, 57 Water Street. Daphne is president of Rowing PEI.
You can pay by eTransfer to rowingpei@gmail.com.  Make sure you send a separate email with the answer to the security question.

The dry land sessions for the Learn to Row will be either:

Saturday June 17th 12:30-3:30 p.m. or Tuesday June 20th 5:00-8:00 p.m.

You will select one of these group sessions.  Then you will individually book two open water rows.

For new members, Learn to Row 2017 includes:

-membership with Rowing Canada Aviron

-dry-land training

-a short “intro row” and two full open water rows with qualified LTR coaches

– the option to convert to a full membership at the end of LTR training

* contact us if you are under the age of 16 and interested in rowing: rowingpei@gmail.com

 –any rower under the age of 18 will need a signed parental waiver – email us to get one
If you are interested, please add your name to our list ASAP by emailing rowingpei@gmail.com

Here are some highlights from our previous Learn to Row programs:

 learntorow2 learntorow3



Any questions?  We are happy to help!  rowingpei@gmail.com


Learn to Row 2014

This was the most ambitious Learn to Row session yet for Rowing PEI.  We had 24 new rowers getting a hands-on introduction to the sport.


 From there, the LTRs headed down to the dock.  The Learn to Row coaching team taught them how to get into the boat, about foot stretchers and the sliding seat.  Then it was their turn to climb in.  Attached by a rope, the coastal quad was pushed out from the dock and the new rowers got to take their first strokes. (This is called a tethered row.)

learntorow11 learntorow10


With a tethered row under their belts, the rowers now get a chance for two open water rows to complete the LTR program.  For week one, the weather cooperated, and the rowers were event treated to a few sightings of our friendly harbour seals.

learntorow13 learntorow14   

When the Learn to Row participants have completed their open water rows, they are eligible to become full members for the 2014 season.  We look forward to seeing them join us.

Thanks to the dedicated team of LTR coaches who have put in dozens of hours preparing and presenting and coaching out on the water.