Membership Protocol


Rowing PEI Membership Protocol

Welcome as a full member of Rowing PEI.  We are a volunteer organization where we all collectively (you included) strive to help create safe and enjoyable rowing experiences for all members at every level of experience and ability.  As a club, we are responsible for an extensive amount of infrastructure that we have accumulated over the years and must maintain and respect to ensure its continued service for future rowers.  We have also established safety policies that try to strike the balance of ensuring our rowers are safe while allowing them reasonable freedoms to enjoy our sport.  There are inherent risks with any activity conducted on the water and as a member you have signed a waiver recognizing those risks. Failure to comply with the safety policies of the club could lead to having your privileges revoked. You are encouraged to review our safety manual which is available online on our web site.

What are you?

You will see that our club uses LTR (Learn to Row), L1 (Level 1) and L2 (Level 2) as ways of distinguishing between the different members of our club.  These levels correspond to different levels of experience and ability and have different responsibilities and opportunities associated with them.  A category of “Safety” is also used.

LTR- This is a new member during that is involved in the LTR training, they do not have access to Signup Genius. Their rows are scheduled as part of the LTR training.  They have a limited membership in the club that spans the duration of their LTR training.

L1- These are new members to our club that have completed the LTR training and have joined as full members of the club.  While trained, these rowers are still learning and require a more experienced rower to accompany them in a boat.  These members sign up for their own rows through Signup Genius.

L2- These rowers full members in the club and are more experienced in our coastal boats. They have at least 10 rowing experiences as a L1 and have demonstrated an ability to maneuver the boats, are aware of the flow pattern we should follow, understand the tides, currents and winds that we experience on our waters and how to deal with them in handling the boat.  People can be L2 for specific boats; many people become comfortable handling a coastal double but may not have the strength or ability to manage the coastal quad. They will be designated an L2 for the coastal double but L1 for the coastal quad.  An L2 rower can take out L1 rowers in the coastal boats they are an L2 for.

Signup Genius is an online system that allows you to book your own rows in specific boats.  As a full member of the club, you will receive an email from the web site inviting you to the monthly Rowing Schedule.  The email you used to register with the club is the one that will be used to grant you access to Signup Genius. (If you wish to change which email you are using, you will have to notify the club and should change your email on the RCA site as that is our official site for maintaining contact information).

When you view the schedule, you will see the various dates and times that rows are scheduled. As well, you will see the list of boats available to be used during that row.  You are able to select available seats in boats and you will be able to see who else has registered for a given row.  To get the most functionality out of the Signup Genius site, I would recommend that you create your own account (you must use the same email as we have used to create your access).  With this account, you will not only be able to sign up for seats but you will also be able to request people to trade or swap seats. This will be helpful if you realize you are not going to be able to make a row you have signed up for.  You could ask people to take your seat instead of just cancelling it (you can only cancel if you do not have an account).

Can I come to a row without having signed up online prior?

We recognize that schedules change and in the summer hopefully we are not all tied to a computer. So signing up is not a prerequisite of being able to row but it does help with our coordination and is strongly encouraged.  If you show up on the dock not having pre-registered, you have to accept that you may not be able to row, especially if you are a L1 and require another more experienced rower to take you out.  (see section on etiquette below about expectations of others)

Can I row outside of scheduled rowing times?

Rowing can be enjoyed outside of the scheduled times but all of the same rules apply to these rows as our scheduled rows.  The most significant rule is that a recognized safety person must be present for all rows both scheduled and unscheduled.  This safety person is responsible for the row and ensuring the compliance of all rowers with the safety policies of the club.  If non-scheduled rows are found to be occurring that do not comply with the safety policies of the club or disrupt scheduled rows, the parties involved will face discipline actions from the club.


In rowing, as with all things, self-awareness and thinking of others creates an environment that all can enjoy.  We try to be a welcoming and supportive club; respectful not only of our members’ needs but also those of the communities we interact with most notably the Charlottetown Yacht Club and the residents surrounding our site.  Below are some things to keep in mind as you enjoy our sport.

Quiet on the docks – We often row very early in the morning and our dock area is surrounded by residences.  Please be as quiet on the docks in the mornings as possible.  If you need to organize your row, think of using the deck of the CYC to discuss things before hitting the docks.

Be courteous to the sailors – We are guests at the CYC (paying, but guests nonetheless) and should behave as polite guests should.  When launching or returning, watch for any sailboat action and let them get in and out first. They move much more quickly than us. This is especially important on Race Nights where many boats will be trying to get out in time for the start of the race.  When on the water stay to our flow pattern; this keeps us out of the areas used by the sailors.

Don’t be a signup hog – The signup site will typically have the schedule for a few weeks in advance.  Do not go in and sign up for tons of rows way in advance.  If you intend to row a lot and are available to row a lot, I would suggest you watch the Signup Genius site and watch availability in rows one or two days ahead and fill in where available.  By all means, book a couple or rows a week in advance. But if you are wanting to row more than that (which most of us do) watch for undersubscribed rows (which most of them are) and fill in those seats closer to the day. Again we recommend that you sign-up even if it is just the day before so the safety will know how many to expect.  As well, feel free to contact people about doing an unscheduled row (you will need to get a safety involved) if you find you are not getting enough rows, or better yet become a safety and then you can take responsibility for a row and help us offer more.

Don’t be a signup hog part 2 – The coastal doubles are the most popular boats we have. Everyone would like a chance to row those so please be willing to sign up in the coastal quad some times to give others a chance to get into those boats.

Be courteous and supportive of your fellow rowers – We have a diverse array of rowers with differing levels of experience, differing intents, and different natural abilities.  We all have one thing in common which is we are all members of this club because we all enjoy rowing.  We will have a shortage of L2 rowers at the beginning of the season due to our successful LTR program.  L2 rowers please watch the signup system and help get the L1s out by filling in those boats as needed.  L1 rowers please respect that the L2 rowers also have their personal goals for rowing and will require some times when they are focused on their own rowing and will not make themselves available to support you. Take heart in the fact when you get there, the club respects your right to achieve your goals as well as service the newer rowers.

See you on the water!
Mike Gibson
President – Rowing PEI