Rowing Workouts



Rowing Canada – How to Use the Indoor Rower


The Concept2 website (that’s a popular erg) has lots of workouts:

Here are a few samples:

UCR2 Basic

Terry’s Ladder

Warm up well, then row (or ski or do a mix) 1-3 rounds of:

Row 250 meters
25 push-ups

Row 500
50 squats

Row 750
75 jump rope

Row 1000m
100 sit ups

Think posture and power on this one, power on the legs, solid through the core. Vary the off-erg moves by changing the type or intensity (for example substitute military or spider push-ups for standard ones), and by adding speed or weight. Stay within your fitness and ability level!

Super Saturday

Row 3000 (24-26 spm)
30 pushups, 30 push press, 30 situps
Row 2000m
20 pushups, 20 push press, 20 situps

Row 1000m
10 pushups, 10 push press, 10 situps

Row or ski 500m HARD (24-30 spm)


Bodyshop Workout #1

If you don’t have a SkiErg (pity!) you can do this workout all rowing. Substitute regular squats and sit-ups if you don’t have a TRX.

Warm up then do 2-3 rounds for time of the following:

250m row
10 TRX squats
15 TRX sit-ups

250m ski
10 push press
10 dumbbell snatches

500m row
10 push-ups
10 TRX squats

500m ski
10 TRX sit-ups
10 TRX squats
10 dumbbell snatch