2019 Online Registration

How to register online – Rowing PEI – 2019

1. Go to the Rowing Canada website

2. Create an account or log in if you are a returning member

* You can retrieve password, User Name and Member Number at this stage

If you are new, make a note of your user name, password and member number

3. Once you have logged in, go down the page to Membership

Click on Join a Rowing Program/Register

4. Select PEI and Rowing PEI

5. You will come to a page listing the programs.  Click JOIN on the program you want.  (They are listed below.)

*If you are a JUNIOR ROWER, please register in the Junior category and not Learn to Row!!

6. On the next page:
You will have to scroll down the Waiver 2018

7.  Then click the box    “I have read and agree to the terms in this consent form.”

8.  Read “I certify that I am ______________and have read and agree to the terms and conditions associated with this program and or membership.”

Click Accept  or Cancel

9. You should get an email confirmation.

10.  You must pay to activate your membership.

You can drop off a cheque or cash to Daphne Dumont’s office, Macnutt and Dumont, 57 Water Street.

You can pay by eTransfer to rowingpei@gmail.com.  Make sure you send a separate email with the answer to the security question. PLEASE MAKE THE ANSWER “rowing”.

PLEASE NOTE: you can NOT pay online with a credit card on the RCA website even though it may look as if that is an option.

Let us know if you have questions!
Thanks.  Nancy

Here are the categories, listed in alphabetical order.

*prices remain the same as 2018

Family Membership (Second Member) 2019

This is the Family Membership (Second) program. The first family member should have registered using the Individual Membership.

Family Membership (Third Member or More) 2019

This is the Family Membership (Third or More) program.The first family member should have registered using the Individual Membership.

Four Pack Punch Card 2019

Register here if you have completed Learn to Row in any previous year and want to purchase a punch card for 4 rows for $100 in 2019.

If you decide you want to become a member for the rest of the 2019 season, the $100 will be subtracted from your $330 membership fee.

You can also purchase a second punch card for $100.

If you decide you want to become a member for the 2019 season  after that, we will subtract $200 from your $330 membership fee.

Rowers are only charged the $20 RCA fee once per registration year.

Individual Membership 2019

This is an individual membership (1 person only) for the full season.  Members must have already completed a Learn to Row in a previous season.

This is also the category for the first member of a Family Membership.

If you are new to the sport, you must register for Learn to Row 2019.

Junior Membership 2019

This is for members 21 years of age and under who are part of the Junior Program in 2019. The fee includes the Learn to Row program. There will be additional costs for two junior training camps and for participating in the Red Island Regatta on Saturday August 24, 2019. This is the novice fee only. The fee will increase in 2020 and 2021 for junior rowers who choose to move into the competitive program. 

Learn to Row 2019  *if you are a Junior Rower, register in that category please!

The Learn to Row program is mandatory for anyone new to the sport.

There will be an introductory session on technique and safety.

In addition, participants will receive on-the-dock instruction and 3 open water sessions with Learn to Row coaches.

After completion of the Learn to Row, interested members are eligible to move to the Novice Level for another 4 rows or upgrade to a full membership for the remainder of the 2019 season.

Cost for Learn to Row = $130.00

Upgrade from Learn to Row to Four Pack Novice 2019

This is a new category for 2019. The Four Pack Novice program consists of four on the water sessions with a Learn to Row coach, building on the skills learned in Learn to Row. You will have a punch card for 4 sessions. When this is complete, you can convert to a full membership for the rest of the season. The cost to convert is $100.

Cost for Four Pack Novice = $100

Cost for Convert to Full Membership after Four Pack Novice = $100

Visiting Rower   We welcome visitors!  We charge $25 per row but if you are staying on P.E.I. for a longer period of time, we will try to accommodate you for more than one row at a reasonable price!!

Volunteer 2019  This category is for people who volunteer with Rowing PEI.  They will only be charged the $20 RCA fee.