2019 Weekly Rowing Schedule

Rowing PEI Schedule 2019
Click here for our current rowing schedule: 
*Rowing PEI safety rules apply to all rows and will be used to determine when rows are cancelled*schedule is subject to change throughout the session depending on demand and available resources

*Double on the Dock is available outside of scheduled rowing times – Rowers must be L2 and have done Double on the Dock training.  They also must contact one of the designated safeties (Nancy or Brian) when they go out and when they return.

Program description:

Masters Competitive – Fixed crews who are training and competing in regattas

Other Masters rowers who want to compete but are not in fixed crews are encouraged to attend the Skills and Drills coached sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Coastal Row – An opportunity for any member to go out and row in our coastal doubles and singles and possibly coastal quad

Learn to Row – Novice rowers will get their on the water experience after completing the on land training. LTRs will get to try both the quad and double as part of the program.

Skills and Drills (mid-June on) – All members can sign up for coached sessions that will build your skills and prepare you for the Red Island Regatta.

LTRs will be encouraged to join the Skills and Drills for at least 4 rows after they become L1s, to gain experience, though they are welcome to become full members and sign up for any of the open rows!

There will also be a “Thrills” part to the program as we will focus some of the sessions on coastal rowing and racing!

Junior  – Our junior rowers will train once a week together (Sundays time TBA) but will also take part in the other open rows on the schedule.

If you have questions, please send us an email: rowingpei@gmail.com