2022 Canada Games Rowing Team

Selection Criteria :  2022 Jeux du Canada Games *postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

Rowing PEI Team

*criteria updated November 2020


Rowing PEI will select a competitive team to represent the province at the 2022 Jeux du Canada Games in Niagara Region, ON. The rowing venue will be the Royal Henley Rowing Course in St. Catharines in Week #1 of the Games, from Friday August 6th to Friday August 12th, 2022.

Canada Games Rowing Events:

Male and Female Open 8+, 4-, 4x, 2-, 2x, 1x

Lightweight Men 2x

Lightweight Women 2x

Team Composition

Accredited: Head Coach – 

Manager—Nancy Russell/Mary MacLean 

Technical Support (Boatperson) – Robert Saunders

Driver – N/A


Female: up to 14 

Male: up to 14 

Total team complement not to exceed 26 athletes 

As permitted by the RCA Rules of Racing, a female crew may be coxed by either a female or a male and a male crew may be coxed by either a female or male [2.4 Coxswains]. 

Team size will be determined after the Selection Camp in May 2022.



Coaches named on the official registration form must be certified under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Performance Coach (certified status) in Rowing. Coaches must be so certified no later than 90 days prior to the opening ceremony (May 9, 2022). 

If female athletes are being sent, one of the coaches must be female. If male athletes are being sent, one of the coaches must be male. *to be confirmed based on team size


In order to be eligible an athlete must be under 21 as of December 31st, 2022 and their year of birth 2001 or later and meet PEI residency requirements as defined by The Canada Games Council (Appendix VI). ****

Gender The events for men can only be competed for by competitors who identify as male and the events for women can only be competed for by competitors who identify as female.

In addition to the criteria stated above prospective team members are also those who:

  1. i) Are members in good standing of Rowing PEI and Rowing Canada Aviron
  2. ii) Have signed a letter of intent submitted to the Rowing PEI Performance Committee by November 15, 2021. (Appendix I)

iii) Abide by and sign the Code of Conduct as provided by Rowing PEI (Appendix II).

Excluded from the Canada Games are: 

  • Senior National Team Members – Defined as: Athletes who have held an SR, SR1, SR2 or C1 card at any time; and/or athletes who are part of (on the roster of) a standing Senior National Team (i.e. recognized as Senior National Team member regardless of event participation) 
  • Athletes who have previously competed at the following events: ○ Senior World Championships ○ Olympic Games ○ Pan Am Games No athlete can be rendered ineligible within 90 days of the opening of the Games due to National Team status, carding status or competing in an excluded event (i.e., If an athlete is granted National Team status for the first time, carding status or competed in an excluded event after May 8, 2022 they will still be considered eligible to compete at the 2022 Canada Games). 

* Athletes who hold a C1 card (as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance program) or are in their first year of Senior National Team status may be deemed eligible on a case by case basis. Requests must be submitted to the respective P/T Team Chef de Mission and approved by the Canada Games Council’s Eligibility Committee.

Selection Criteria

The Rowing PEI Performance Committee reserves the right to change the date of any ergometer test, camp and/or time trial with a notice to the athletes presented a minimum of 30 days before the originally scheduled event, and no closer than 15 days of the newly scheduled event.

The Canada Games coaching staff will recommend selection of the team to the Rowing PEI Performance Committee for Approval on June 1, 2022.

Selection to the Team will be based upon the following factors:

A) A Letter of Intent (Appendix I) must be sent to the Head Coach or Manager on or before November 15, 2021 by all interested athletes. Any athlete who decides to try out for the team after this deadline must file an appeal with the Rowing PEI Performance Committee stating why a letter of intent was not forwarded on or before November 15, 2021. The same appeal procedures will apply as outlined in the Appeal Policy. (Appendix XI)

B) All participants must complete the following Ergometer Tests and have scores sent to the Head Coach. The ergometer scores must be submitted by the respective dates as described below. Each test is to be performed not more than seven days prior to the respective deadlines. The scores will be ranked and a copy will be sent to all participants. All tests are to be supervised and submitted by a club coach or individual pre-approved by the Head Coach.

Ergometer Test Submissions

Date Distance Submit Test Scores to
November 30/2021 RADAR testing

2k, 6k, 1 minute & PP (Peak Performance) 

Head Coach/Manager/Assistant Coach
February 28, 2022 RADAR testing

2k, 6k, 1 minute & PP (Peak Performance)

Head Coach/Manager/Assistant Coach
April 15, 2022 RADAR testing

2k, 6k, 1 minute & PP (Peak Performance)

Head Coach/Manager/Assistant Coach
May 14, 2022 2000m Head Coach/Manager/Assistant Coach

All athletes (lightweight and open) will be required to submit their body weights with each test. Refer to Appendix III for details on weigh-in procedures and classifications for lightweights and coxswains. 

  1. C) All candidates for selection to Team PEI must attend identified workshops and camps.

All costs associated with these camps and workshops will be the responsibility of the athlete, unless otherwise indicated by the Team PEI manager.

If an athlete is unable to attend one of these camps written notification must be sent to the Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Canada Games team manager outlining why the athlete is unable to attend. Notifications must be received at least 48 hours prior to the start of the camp. 

Exemption situations will be handled on an individual basis as to the acceptability of the reasons for absence.

All interested athletes must attend the final selection camp, date and location to be confirmed.

Camps Date Location
Winter Camp January 2022 PEI *cancelled due to COVID
March Break Camp March 4-12, 2022 *1 weekend tbd PEI
Easter Camp  April 14-17, 2022 *tbc PEI
Selection Camp Between May 15-30, 2022 *tbc Banook, Dartmouth, NS (tbc)
Time Trial Confirmation Camp


*Mandatory Canada Games workshops. Special arrangements for out of province athletes will be made between the athlete and coaching staff.
Date Location
Seat race rehearsal and Basic Nutrition August 2021
Energy Neutral Training & Nutrition November 2021
Training Principles & HR Monitoring and Learn to Love the Erg: How to prepare for races / competition November  2021
Mental Fitness & Practical Nutrition February 2022
On water Technique & review of Selection Criteria April  2022


Details of the required Winter, Spring, and Summer Camps will be forwarded in advance of each camp.

Draft schedule of workshops, camps, races, etc. associated with Canada Games can be found in Appendix VIII.

D) Time Trials and Seat Race Matrices will be held between May 15-30, 2022. Location is TBD.

Appeals, for inclement weather/storm delays, equipment breakage, and unforeseen circumstances can be presented to the Rowing PEI Performance Committee up to and including May 28, 2022.

Separate time trials and seat racing matrices will be held for Lightweight and Open athletes. 

Rules for Matrix Seat Racing

*format is subject to change depending on number of participants

  • When possible one Matrix will be conducted
  • Matrices will be divided into 2 or more groups if there is not enough proper equipment to conduct a fair matrix
  • In the event of multiple matrices, 2 or more groups will be determined and each group completes a separate matrix:
    • the A Group will consist of the top half of the athletes based on the May 2022 2k ergometer scores
    • the B Group would consist of the bottom half based on the May 2022 2k ergometer scores.
  • The top half from the A group matrix are named to the PEI Rowing Team
  • The C Matrix is held with athletes from the bottom half of the A group matrix and the top half of the B group matrix. 
  • Top athletes from the C matrix are then named to the team
  • Athletes named to the team must also take part in the Confirmation Time Trial in July 2022 at Brudenell 

(*the number of athletes participating in the top half and/or bottom half of matrix groups will be determined based on the number of athletes submitting ergometer scores in May 2022)

Confirmation Time Trial: 

  • During the Time Trial Team Camp, a 2000m time trial will be conducted to confirm crew speed in order to be competitive at the Canada Games regatta.
  • The time trial will assess each crew’s relative speed to the RCA’s Under 23 Water Time Standards
  • Designated Canada Games boats should target 75% of the RCA U23 Water Time Standard to be competitive at the Canada Games

Distance for seat racing will be determined by the location of the event.

  1. E) Commitment, Coach-ability, Sportsmanship (according to true Principles for Sport) 
  • Commitment – attendance and effort; making choices that put the team goals ahead of personal goals.
  • Coachability – the athlete’s ability to make psychological, technical, or physiological change suggested by the coaches within the time frame required; willingness to receive, process, assimilate change to adapt under pressure situations.
  1. F) Adherence to administrative procedures (example: getting forms submitted on time)
  2. G) Attendance at practices, camps, workshops, and races.

Appendix I – Letter of Intent

I, __________________________, have made the decision to participate in the Rowing PEI winter training program 2021-2022 and to try out for the 2022 Jeux du Canada Games PEI Rowing Team.

I have received, read, understood and agree to abide by the Selection Procedure and Criteria, the Team Code of Conduct, True Sport Principles for Sport and the Appeals Procedure. 

Effective Friday, November 18, 2021 all athletes involved with the Canada Games Training Group are required to be at the WINTER TRAINING VENUE to attend mandatory Canada Games workshops. Special arrangements for out of province athletes will be made between the athlete and head coach, assistant coach and team manager. 

RCA# ____________________

I intend to try out for the following positions(s): check or circle all that are appropriate

_____ Male ______Scull              ______ Lightweight

_____         Female         _____Sweep       ______ Open  


Athlete Contact Information:

Mailing Address 






Phone Number _______________________          Email ________________________


Athlete Signature: ______________________________  Date ____________


Parent/Guardian _______________________________ Date ____________


Appendix II – Athlete’s Code of Conduct 

All members of the 2022 Jeux du Canada Games PEI Rowing Team must exhibit appropriate standards of behavior, attitude, and responsibility effective from the date listed on their Letter of Intent. 

Standard of Conduct

  1. a) Respect for Others

Rowing PEI is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect, thus supporting equal opportunities and forbidding discriminatory practices. Participants will refrain from comments or behaviours, which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist.

  1. b) Curfew

Curfews will be set at the various regattas/events that will be attended and will be enforced. Room checks will be done on a routine basis.

  1. c) Language

Members will be expected to use proper language at all times. The use of offensive language will not be tolerated.

  1. d) Vandalism

Athletes who willfully cause property damage will pay for all damages. In the event that the athlete cannot or will not pay, then the parents will be held responsible.

  1. e) Theft

Any member caught stealing from teammates, other athletes, teams or other people will be dismissed immediately.

  1. f) Social Behaviour

It is necessary for all members of the Team to abide by the rules of social behavior and personal presentation outlined in this document. All athletes are expected to behave like responsible individuals. Team members must exhibit a high level of moral standards and values.

  1. g) Attitude

All athletes are to maintain a positive attitude and effort toward training. This includes such items as:

  • being on time
  • respect for rules, coaches, officials and others
  • willingness and desire to work hard during training and competition
  • Athletes are expected to maintain a positive attitude toward all other athletes, coaches, manager, support staff, officials, etc. 

The following actions will constitute review by the Head Coach or his/her designate:

  • condescending talk by an athlete to another athlete or coach
  • negative talk
  • gross verbal or physical abuse of any individual by an athlete
  • behaviour that causes disruption of the peace
  • actions or conduct that significantly disrupt or interfere with a competition or the preparation of an athlete for a competition on any team
  1. h) Alcohol

Team athletes shall not consume alcohol at any time during travel to, at, and traveling back from regattas. The penalty will be immediate dismissal from the Team. Such will also be the case for those that obtain beverages for minors.

  1. i) Drugs

Rowing PEI strongly embraces the Concept of Fair Play in Sport and unequivocally opposes cheating which includes the use of drugs banned by Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) and the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport (CCES).

Rowing PEI recognizes the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport and will honor suspensions of athletes or others determined to have committed doping or doping related infractions.

Should an athlete test positive at an event or be found guilty of a doping related infraction (as determined by CCES), or should any other person found to be guilty of a doping or doping related infraction at an event (as determined by CCES), they will be immediately suspended from the Team.

Appeal, arbitration, and re-instatement processes shall be those as described in the CCES Standard Operating Procedures Manual found in the Canada Anti-Doping Policy (CADP). (Appendix XI) 

Members of the Team are not permitted to use illicit drugs/narcotics or performance enhancing drugs and/or methods.

Members of the Team must be prepared to submit to random drug testing during any event in which the Team participates. 


NOTE: The word “event” describes any function that the Team participates in as a team. This could be a regatta or other official Team function where participation is because of Sport or Provincial Affiliation.

  1. j) Social Media

The information you post is vulnerable to context, circumstance, and interpretation and comes with the same rights and responsibilities as your off-line actions. As an athlete you not only represent yourself, but also your team, your club and Rowing PEI. Your posts are considered a part of your conduct and, therefore, must correspond with the Canada Games Code of Conduct.

Always use privacy and security settings on Facebook and other online media to restrict access to your account. For example, restrict access for viewing pictures, videos, status updates, etc. to your friends only and be cautious of your privacy settings when joining networks or groups. 

If you intend to utilize social media outlets to promote your experience as a rower and athlete, please notify your head coach and/or club manager in advance so as to ensure accurate and appropriate distribution of information.

If you are ever in doubt of the appropriateness of your on-line material,  consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values, as well as the Code of Conduct

Examples of inappropriate online activity include but are not limited to:

  • Photos, videos or comments of yourself or teammates if they reflect partying, drinking, or questionable behavior, particularly in team gatherings or in rowing branded clothing.
  • Photos, videos, or comments that are of a sexual nature, or encourage unacceptable, violent, or illegal activity.
  • Offensive language in comments, videos, and other posts including threats of violence or derogatory comments regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, or team affiliation.
  • Unsportsmanlike or demeaning comments towards other athletes or teams, as well as governing bodies (Rowing PEI, RCA, CIS, CGC, etc).

Infractions and Penalties

Infractions can be reported in writing by concerned individuals within 48 hours of the occurrence, to the Rowing PEI president. 

  1. a) Infractions
  • use of tobacco products by minor
  • use of tobacco products by adults at events
  • disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist comments or behavior
  • unsportsmanlike conduct such as arguing
  • being late for team events
  • other similar infractions of minor severity
  • unsportsmanlike conduct such as fighting
  • curfew violations
  • repeated disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist comments or behavior
  • repeated late arrival or absence from team activities or function
  • use of alcohol by a minor at any time
  • under the influence of alcohol while attending official Team functions as sponsored by Rowing PEI.
  • intoxication  
  • betting or gambling
  • activities or behavior which disrupts competition
  • pranks, jokes or other activities which endanger the safety of others
  • criminal activities, vandalism
  • other similar infractions of major severity
  1. b) Penalties

All infractions will be reviewed by the Rowing PEI Performance Committee and President of Rowing PEI. A Conduct Review Meeting will be held as soon as possible after the code of conduct infraction. Disciplinary action be based on the severity of the offense and may include but is not limited to: verbal warning, written warning, written reprimand, suspension and/or dismissal from the team.

Penalties will be reported to the athlete(s) by the President of Rowing PEI. 

Athlete Signature: ______________________________  Date ____________

Parent/Guardian _______________________________   Date ____________

Appendix III – Athlete Classification & Weight Classification 

Athlete classification and weight classifications are defined by the Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Rules of Racing. 

Lightweight competitors are classified as follows:

Men: No individual shall weigh more than 72.5kg.

Women: No individual shall weigh more than 59kg.

Coxswain weight classification:

The minimum weight of a coxswain for a female crew and for a male crew is 50 kg.

Weigh-in Procedures:

  • Athletes will be weighed not less than one hour and not more than two hours before their event
  • Athletes shall be weighed while wearing their racing clothes
  • “Multiple step” Weigh-in Rule for Lightweights: If a rower fails to meet weight requirements on the first weighing, he/she will be allowed multiple attempts as per the RCA Rules of Racing. An athlete failing to make lightweight in the final attempt will be excluded from the Lightweight selection process but will be able to do the Erg Test for the purpose to be invited the Open Final Selection Camp.

NOTE: The health and safety of athletes is the first priority for Rowing PEI in any and all selection requirements. All athletes intending to be lightweight must communicate with the Head Coach indicating that they are doing so in a responsible manner. Nutritionist support is advised for all athletes.

Ergometer Testing for Lightweights (up to and including May 2022) Body weights:

Men: No individual shall weigh more than 74Kg

Women: No individual shall weight more than 60.5kg

Athletes submitting test results with weights above the allowances indicated shall be ranked as Open weight athletes and their Erg scores will be calculated against the Heavyweight Under23 Standard.  

Lightweights who are of the correct body size are eligible for selection to the open weight crews. Lightweights wishing to be considered for both weight categories should so indicate on their letter of intent.

Appendix VI – Canada Games Council – Residency Requirements

As defined by the Canada Games Council. *need to confirm for 2022

Canada Games Council – Residency Requirements 180 days before the opening of the games.


  1. An athlete’s permanent residence must be located, for at least 180 days prior to the opening of the Games, within the recognized boundaries of the P/T they are representing. An athlete can have only one permanent residence. Should an athlete not meet the 180 days permanent residence requirement, he/she may be ruled as eligible as defined in point (b) below.
  2. If an athlete is training outside his or her P/T of permanent residence, the athlete may represent the P/T in which they are training providing he or she can demonstrate a commitment to the province or territory she or he wishes to represent by:

(I) having been a member of a club or Provincial/territorial sport organization in that province/territory for the entire previous or current competitive season


(ii) having represented that province or territory at a national or regional championship (if applicable),


(iii) not having received direct development funding from their province or territory of permanent residence within a year of the Opening of the Games, unless the funding jurisdiction provides permission for the athlete to compete for another team.


(iv) other similar circumstances may be considered.

  1. Athletes attending school on a full-time basis outside their province or territory of permanent residence during the year of the Canada Games shall be permitted to compete for either their P/T of permanent residence or the P/T in which the athlete attends school.

Appendix XI – Exemptions and Appeals

Special Circumstances / Exemptions

If, because of injury, illness, prohibitive causes or exceptional circumstances, an athlete is unable to meet any of the requirements in the selection procedure, that athlete may still be considered for the 2021 PEI Jeux du Canada Games Rowing Team. The athlete must advise the Rowing PEI Canada Performance Committee in writing, of such injury, illness, causes or circumstances 48hrs prior to the start of the event or as soon as possible (if a medical reason occurs less than 48 hrs prior) and obtain the Head Coach’s permission to defer the relevant requirement in the selection procedure.

The athlete is required to submit written documentation from a licensed medical practitioner confirming an illness/injury.

Appeal Procedures

The Rowing PEI Appeals Committee consists of three un-biased members: Rowing PEI President; two designates TBA.   Designates will be identified no later than November 15, 2021. 

An appeal must be submitted in writing to the President of Rowing PEI within 48 hours after an official team selection has taken place or within 48 hours after any disciplinary action has been levied. The contact information for the President is: email address

All appeals will be answered within 36 hours after it has been received.

If an appeals hearing is held, the respondent may make submissions and arguments to the appeals committee. It is recommended that the respondent is accompanied by one other person. 

An appeal may only be heard if there are sufficient grounds for the appeal. Sufficient grounds include the respondent:

  • making a decision for which it did not have the authority or jurisdiction as set out in the governing documents;
  • failing to follow procedures as laid out in the Selection Criteria;
  • failing to consider relevant information or taking into account irrelevant information in making the decision;
  • exercising discretion for an improper purpose.

The Appeals Committee will make a final decision at the appeal hearing and the decision shall be final and binding.  

Appendix VIII – Draft Calendar of Canada Games Events

Summer  2021 (June – August)

June 2021 Technique camp, on water

July 2021 NS Sprints Regatta*

August 2021 Seat race matrix simulation & nutrition (energy neutral training)

August 2021 Red Island Regatta*

August 2021   PEI Time Trials for Provincial Team selection to NRCs (if needed)

Fall 2021 (September – November)

September 2021 National Rowing Championships & Canada Cup (optional)

October 2021 Atlantic Rowing Championships & Atlantic University Rowing Championships*

*mandatory competitions for juniors interested in CG training team


Nov 2021 Winter Training Begins

Winter 2021 – 2021 (December – February)

Each Sunday morning  over the winter: the team will train together at Synergy Fitness

1–3 Jan, 2022 winter camp for team building & focus on Podium Pathways, steps to success, mental toughness, nutrition for weight gain /weight loss

Feb 2022 Mental fitness, practical nutrition = cooking skills & grocery store tour

Feb 28, 2022 RADAR erg scores due

Spring 2022 (March – May)

March Break – location PEI –   team building *1 weekend tbd

April  – Easter Camp -location PEI

April 15 RADAR erg scores due

May 14 2000m erg due

May Selection Camp  – probably Dartmouth on the 1000m race course

Summer 2022 (June  – August)

July 2022 Time Trial camp – 2000m time trials to confirm crew speed

July 2022 Dartmouth, NS – Nova Scotia Sprints Regatta

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rowing has been moved to the 2nd week of competition. August 15-19, 2022     Canada Games Regatta, St Catharines, ON 

*change announced February 2021 

August 24 or 25, 2022 Parent & Volunteer Thank You Party!