2023 Online Registration

How to register online – Rowing PEI – 2023

*begins April 1, 2023

*you must also complete this confidential medical information form at the time of registration.
Click on the link to complete!! 
Rowing PEI Medical, Wellness and Emergency Information Form (20223
Rowing Canada website *registration begins April 1, 2023


2. Create an account or log in if you are a returning member

* You can retrieve password, User Name and Member Number at this stage

If you are new, make a note of your user name, password and member number

3. Once you have logged in, go down the page to Membership

Click on Join a Rowing Program/Register

4. Select PEI and Rowing PEI

5. You will come to a page listing the programs.  Click JOIN on the program you want.  (They are listed below.)

*If you are a JUNIOR ROWER, please register in the Junior category and not Learn to Row!!

6. On the next page:
You will have to scroll down the Waiver 2023

7.  Then click the box    “I have read and agree to the terms in this consent form.”

8.  Read “I certify that I am ______________and have read and agree to the terms and conditions associated with this program and or membership.”

Click Accept  or Cancel

9. You should get an email confirmation.

10.  You must pay to activate your membership.

You can pay by eTransfer to rowingpei@gmail.com.  *The payment will be accepted automatically.  You do NOT need a security question.

PLEASE NOTE: you can NOT pay online with a credit card on the RCA website even though it may look as if that is an option.

Let us know if you have questions!
Thanks.  Nancy

Here are the 2023 membership categories:  

Individual Membership 2023

$375.00* Early bird rate until April 15, 2023

$400.00 as of April 15, 2023 

This is an individual membership (1 person only) of any age for the full season.  Members must have already completed a Learn to Row in a previous season.

If you are new to the sport, you must register for Into to Rowing 2022.


Four Pack Punch Card 2023


Register here if you have completed Learn to Row in any previous year and want to purchase a punch card for 4 rows for $125 in 2023.

If you decide you want to become a member for the rest of the 2022 season, the $110 will be subtracted from your $375 membership fee.

You can also purchase a second punch card for $125.

If you decide you want to become a member for the 2023 season  after that, we will subtract $250 from your $500 membership fee.

Rowers are only charged the $25 RCA fee once per registration year.


Junior Competitive Membership


This is for returning junior rowers, between the ages of 13 and 20, who were part of the Junior Program in 2022. This includes a $250 competitive fee to help cover the costs of coaching and equipment.

There will be additional costs for training camps and regattas.


Crew 23 – Junior Membership 2023


Crew 23  for junior rowers only, between the ages of 13 and 20.

The fee includes the Intro to Rowing program if applicable. There will be additional costs for training camps and for participating in the Red Island Regatta. 


2023 ADULT INTRO TO ROWING – Part One   *ages 18 and over


The Intro to Rowing program is mandatory for anyone new to the sport.

The Intro program will start in June 2023. More sessions may be offered throughout the summer as coaching capacity commits.

Intro to Rowing – Part One  includes:

Lesson #1 –  Rowing Vocabulary, Technique and Safety 

You will learn technique and vocabulary on the indoor rowing machine as well as  important safety training at the House of Sport, 40 Enman Crescent. (2 hours) 

Lesson #2 – Tour and Intro at Charlottetown Yacht Club  
Check out our home base at the Charlottetown Yacht Club and take your first strokes at the dock, under the supervision of our trained coaches. (1.5 hours)

Lessons #3 and #4  – You will have two private, one-on-one lessons with a coach. (2 x 1.5 hours = 3 hours)

At the end of your two on-the-water sessions, you are officially a Novice Rower and can move on to Intro to Rowing –  Part Two.


2023 Adult Intro to Rowing – Part Two 


Intro to Rowing Part Two starts with four sessions in a double with a mentor, who is a coach or an experienced rower. They will take you through a checklist of skills to help you become an L2 (Level 2).

Once you are an L2, you will be able to navigate a boat on your own. You can then move to a coastal single, or continue in a double or quad as part of the club or coached rows. If you need more than 4 rows, you can continue in the L2 training as needed.

The $250 fee covers the cost of rowing for the rest of the season. 

As a novice rower, you have the opportunity to:

-sign up for morning or evening rows on the Charlottetown Harbour – we will match you up with someone who is looking for the same kind of rowing experience

-learn to row in the coastal quad at Brudenell *times will be posted on the schedule

-learn how to beach launch at Brudenell

-compete at the Red Island Regatta on August 27th and 28th at Brudenell *registration fees extra

*if you are interested in competing in the flat water boats, we can put you in touch with the competitive program at Brackley 


Adult Competitive Membership 2023


This is for adult members who want to be coached at Brackley in the flat water racing boats. This includes a $150 competitive fee to help cover the costs of coaching and equipment.

There will be additional costs for training camps and regattas.

*we will have a virtual meeting with Coach Chantelle Hanley in mid-April

Send us an email if you are interested in being part of the competitive program.  (rowingpei@gmail.com)


Visiting Rower 2023


We welcome visitors!  We charge $35 per row but if you are staying on P.E.I. for a longer period of time, we will try to accommodate you for more than one row at a reasonable price!!  

If you are not a member of Rowing Canada, we will be charged $25 to cover your insurance costs. We would appreciate a donation to cover that cost but are always happy to share our beautiful rowing experience with you if that is not possible! *we have to cover the RCA for anyone from outside of Canada