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Rowing PEI launches I-Crew indoor rowing program for 2022-2023!

Rowing PEI is excited to launch a new indoor rowing program called I-Crew or Indoor Crew, for youth between the ages of 12 and 17.

Crew members will learn technique, stay fit and take part in fun challenges during the weekly sessions.

A highlight will be Indoor Rowing Day in Canada 2023 when everyone across the country teams up to see how many kilometres we can log on the same day.

I-Crew kicks into gear in November, with a break for the holidays, then continues until the end of March.

Part 1: Sunday November 6 – Sunday December 11, 2022

Part 2: Sunday January 8 – Sunday February 18, 2023 *Canada Games break

Part 3: Sunday March 5 – Sunday April 2, 2023

The program will be offered by trained coaches from Rowing PEI at Kinetic Fitness, 133 Queen Street in downtown Charlottetown.

Participants should wear workout clothes including narrow sneakers. No baggy shorts that can get caught in the sliding seat.

Please bring a water bottle!

The program will be offered in English.

*There is also an adult version of I-Crew. Contact organizers for more information on that group. 

Thanks to Rowing Canada Aviron and Sport Canada for financial support for this new, exciting program.

And to our partners at IRSA, for their support of Rowing PEI.

To find out more, please send an email to


Rowing PEI est est excité de lancer un nouveau programme d’aviron en salle qui s’appelé “I-Crew ou Indoor Crew”, pour les jeunes âgés de 12 à 17 ans.

Les membres de l’équipage apprendront la technique, resteront en forme et participeront à des défis amusants lors des sessions hebdomadaires.

Un point culminant sera la Journée de l’aviron en salle au Canada 2023 lorsque tout le monde à travers le pays fera équipe pour voir combien de kilomètres nous pouvons parcourir le même jour.

I-Crew démarre en novembre, avec une pause pour les vacances, puis se poursuit jusqu’à la fin de mars.

Partie 1 : dimanche 6 novembre – dimanche 11 décembre 2022

Partie 2 : dimanche 8 janvier – dimanche 18 février 2023 *pause des Jeux du Canada

Partie 3 : dimanche 5 mars – dimanche 2 avril 2023

Le programme sera offert par des entraîneurs qualifiés de Rowing PEI à Kinetic Fitness, 133, rue Queen, au centre-ville de Charlottetown.

Les participants doivent porter des vêtements d’entraînement, y compris des souliers étroites. Pas de short baggy qui peut se coincer dans le siège coulissant. Veuillez apporter une bouteille d’eau! Le programme sera offert en anglais.

*Il existe également une version adulte d’I-Crew. Contactez les organisateurs pour plus d’informations sur ce groupe.

Merci à Rowing Canada Aviron et à Sport Canada pour leur soutien financier à ce nouveau programme passionnant. Et à nos partenaires de l’IRSA, pour leur soutien à Rowing PEI. Pour en savoir plus, veuillez envoyer un e-mail à


Thank you to these organizations for their support:

A summer job….with a great view! APPLY NOW!

How would you like to spend your summer looking at this view?

Do you enjoy boats? And being on the water?  CHECK IT OUT!!

Deadline to apply: Wednesday June 1, 2022

Position:  Sports Instructor
Canada Summer Jobs #3841285

Thanks to the Canada Summer Jobs 2022 program, Rowing PEI is looking to hire a Sports Instructor for the summer.


Conditions of employment:

35 hours per week for 8 weeks = 280 hours    (varied hours/weeks)

Salary: $14.00/hour
Start date   July 4,2022  *could start sooner/part-time work in June

Must be available the weekend of August 26-28 to assist with the Red Island Regatta at Brudenell 

Work days may include Saturday and Sunday 

Location of employment: Charlottetown Yacht Club (CYC) on the Charlottetown waterfront and Brudenell Resort

Job summary

Rowing PEI is the non-profit provincial governing body for the sport of rowing in Prince Edward Island.

The successful applicant will be assisting in:

-the organization and delivery of our national sanctioned rowing regatta to be held August 27 and 28, 2022

-the promotion of the sport of rowing to the public and tourists.

Daily duties would include: maintaining equipment, assisting with launching of boats, ensuring all safety policies of the club are being followed by all participants, operating the safety boat, and providing Learn to Row Coaching. 

Administrative duties will include maintaining logs of all boats on the water, when launched and when returned, and noting any damage or maintenance required by the rowing shells as well as the safety boat.

Other duties would include the installation and removal of marker buoys to establish training and racing courses on the water.

Job requirements
The position will require:
-a valid pleasure craft operator’s license;
-First Aid training;
-LTR coach training *will be provided
-valid driver’s license *or transportation to Brudenell on occasion 

The Government of Canada funded this job through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Contact the employer to learn more about the job and apply. You must be aged between 15 and 30 and be legally entitled to work in Canada

Other Skills:  Experience in client services and/or coaching a team
Bilingual an asset
Applicants must be able to swim

Application: Please send a letter and a resume to

Deadline to apply: Wednesday June, 1, 2022 

Going electric on the water

Almost all rowing clubs use some form of safety boat or coach boat, almost always propelled by a gas-powered motor.

Rowing BC is now working on a pilot project looking at the potential of rechargeable electric motors for safety boats. They have applied to Clean BC for funding and hope to set up six clubs with three different kinds of eoutboards. 

Rechargeable outboards, versus gas models, are a way for clubs and regattas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Brenda Taylor, who is organizing the pilot project, says the eoutboard technology is changing quickly, and becoming more affordable and more user-friendly, because of the demand from customers, including rowing and sailing clubs. 

Rowing BC has applied for a grant through the Clean BC Commercial Vehicle Pilots project to pilot the use of electric outboards. The CVP program  is designed to accelerate the adoption of commercial ZEVs (eg medium and heavy duty, on road, offroad, rail, marine etc)

This all started because Brenda was enquiring about rebates/subsidies for eoutboards (as there are for ZEVs). Clean BC said they aren’t currrently offering rebates for eoutboards, recognize that is a gap, but need more data to support the case for rebates, so encouraged her to apply for the CVP grant.
To accelerate the adoption of electric outboards by:
1) demonstrating the business case,
2) providing clubs with objective, relevant and easily-accessible information on cost, performance, user-experience and other benefits with which to make informed purchasing decisions, and
3) to increase awareness of the benefits and feasibility of  eoutboards and to provide the “electric curious” with first-hand experience with them, in a real-world setting .
One of the goals is to provide the “electric curious” with first hand experience with electric outboards, in a real-world setting .
Project details:
Pilot the use of 6 eoutboards in 4-6 pilot clubs in BC for a full year. We will test 3 types (Elco EP20, Torqeedo Cruise 10 and Pure Watercraft)- all roughly equivalent to 15-25hp gas outboards and each will have 2 batteries. They will be tested on 3-4 different types of launches (Carolina Skiff, inflatable, tin, catamaran).. Pilot clubs were selected to provide a range of use scenarios (crew speeds,launch type,  type of program -eg Learn to row, competitive etc), water body (lake, river, sea), and to maximize the number of people who would be exposed to the outboard or get a chance to use it.  Pilot clubs have been selected but not yet confirmed.
Data to be collected on eoutboard and gas outboard with similar use (at each club): performance, user experience, fuel consumption, GHG and air pollution emissions (calculated from fuel consumption), operating costs, downtime (due to maintenance etc), noise.
Brenda says they will also be running demo days to give others a chance to try them out and they will be used in both training and for regattas.
As part of preparing the grant application, she says it became clear that few clubs keep accurate records of fuel consumption, hours of engine use, maintenance costs. This project will fill this gap as well as providing information on eoutboards.
The plan is to create a resource/toolkit to help clubs decide whether to “go eletcric”, what factors to consider when choosing an eoutboard, including the number of batteries, charging infrastructure and other practical tips..
Brenda Taylor says the industry is exploding and there are now LOTS of eoutboard options out there, though many are not yet readily available. Torqeedo and Elco have both been around for awhile and are available. PWC is new, but were designed with rowing in mind (at least in part). They have a number of rowers working for them and have tested prototypes at different rowing clubs (they are based  out of Seattle).
Brenda says static umpiring is another way that regatta organizers could consider as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at their events.

Taking action in the fight against climate change – how your rowing club can get involved

Taking action in the fight against climate change – how your rowing club can get involved

Brenda Taylor from Victoria recently hosted a webinar for RCA called Rowing and the Climate Crisis: Acting Now to Fight Climate Change.

You can watch the webinar:

*the slide in this post are from Brenda’s presentation

Here are some of the ideas that Brenda shared during her presentation:

  • Electric outboards
  • Energy efficiency upgrades- LED lights, heat pumps, thermopane windows, drying room for gear
  • Solar 
  • Wind
  • Recycling/reuse/REPAIR- buy good quality, keep it in good repair
  • Encourage/support cycling, public transit, carpooling
  • Refuse packaging/waste
  • Nature based solutions – wetlands 
  • Travel to regattas 
  • Trailer/truck – share, aluminum….
  • Share coach boats
  • No single use plastics
  • Procurement policies
  • Boat pools
  • Static umpiring at regattas
  • No medals, tshirts, swag –
  • Go paperless
  • Climate Action working group
  • GHG pilot
  • Technical standards for boats- recycled content, lifespan, repairability
  • HUB to share ideas
  • Educate re boat repair and maintenance
  • Lobby politicians
  • Climate change education sessions for rowing boards and members
  • Subsidies for eoutboards
  • Carbon offsets
  • Sport Canada- new Canadian Sport Policy
  • Access to funding and expertise
If your club is interested in finding out more, or joining the discussion, you can contact Brenda: 

Monitoring the changing climate – Rowing PEI 

By Nancy Russell

Coaches and rowers with Rowing PEI have seen the changing weather conditions firsthand in recent years, with more wind and storms, including tropical storms such as Arthur (July 2014), Dorian (September 2019), Teddy (September 2020)  and Elsa (July 2021).  Because we don’t have a clubhouse, we have to either move our boats off the dock, or secure them and hope they can ride out the storm. It’s a lot of work and hard on the nerves!!!

The windier weather, even early in the morning, is also starting to limit our rowing time on the Charlottetown Harbour.  Even in coastal boats, the wind speeds are sometimes too high, especially for new rowers.  In 2021, we decided to move our flat water boats to a sheltered bay on P.E.I.’s north shore, in search of some calmer waters.  The rowers had to beach launch all summer, but at least they got some flatter water. 

We can definitely feel it getting windier, but now with help from the UPEI Climate Lab, we will be able to monitor what’s happening.

In July 2021, they installed a weather station, part of a network across the Island. It will collect historical data to track how conditions are changing, and also gives real-time wind speed, which is a game changer on a windy body of water!

We do encourage carpooling to our flat water training centre, which is about 20 minutes from Charlottetown.

The Charlottetown Yacht Club, which is our home base in Charlottetown, is also a member of Sailors for the Sea, which focuses on clean and environmentally friendly sailing. 


Canada’s solar-powered rowing club


Lakeland Rowing Club in Vermilion, Alberta was well ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing renewable energy. 

They had to embrace solar energy ten years ago, because there was no power line access to the provincial park where they are located. And even if the park would allow it, it would have been cost-prohibitive.

When the club first started in 1996, they had no electricity. They used strategically-positioned car headlights for dark fall morning practices. How’s that for Canadian innovation?!?

The club bought their 100-watt solar panel more than 10 years ago. Originally, it was just for their shed, and flood lights for the compound. Now the solar light lights up their boathouse as well, thanks to help from some electrical instructors and apprentices at Lakeland College. 

The club has upgraded from fluorescent to LED lighting, again making the green choice.

Interesting fact: if you go to Google satellite, Vermilion AB you can see the facility on the reservoir!

Thanks to Lakeland Rowing Club’s Peter Walsh for sharing his solar story.




2021 Red Island Rowgatta – thanks and photos!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Red Island Rowgatta as a competitor or volunteer!  It was a fantastic event.

Special thanks to Alan and Patricia for sponsoring the delicious club meal, organized beautifully by Lori Fitzpatrick.

Also to Lori, Kiera and Jamie for sponsoring the breakfast, on behalf of the Canada Games training team!

Many thanks to our friends from PEI Ground Search and Rescue, the staff at Brudenell Provincial Park, Montague and Brudenell Marinas, Garden Isle Farms for the potato prize bags, trailer drivers Alan, Rob and Chris and the 30+ volunteers who made this event possible!

Here are a few photo highlights! We have many more to come, as well as video and drone footage from Pat Martel Video!!

Maybe even a viewing party sometime this fall!

Red Island Rowgatta 2021 Results – prepared by Marti Hopson and Fiona Moak with help from starter Daphne Dumont and timers Sterling Schnatz, Wendy Chappell, Verna Ryan, Krista Cassell and Chris Harris

Saturday August 21, 2021

1000 m sprints 

Top Quad- 1. Mary/ Chrissy / Corinne / Cassidy (4:30)

Junior Men’s single – 1. Tom (4:58) 2. Nick (5:03) 3. Joe (5:38)

Junior Women’s double – 1. Emily and Kiera (5:19)

Masters Women’s single – 1. Corinne (5:17)

Masters Women’s double – 1. Alysaa/ Kailee (5:18) 2. Mary / Chrissy (5:35)


Coastal Endurance

Junior Men’s single – 1. Tom (18:19)

Junior Men’s double – 1. Tom/Luke (19:39)

Masters Women’s single – 1. Corinne (18:55)

Masters Women’s double  – 1. Corinne/ Cassidy (16:58) 2. Kailee / Alyssa (17:01) 3. Mary/ Chrissy (19:00) 4. Verna / Elliott (mixed- 23:00) 5. Krista / Jayne (31:33)


Beach Sprints

Single – 1. Jordanne  2. Joe

Double – 1. Tom/Nick (Don) 2. Kailee/ Alyssa 3. Emily Kiera 4. Cassidy / Corinne

Team Relay ! The Blues





Lori’s Pulled Pork Recipe – “Memories of the Red Island Rowgatta 2021”

We loved the pulled pork from Brad Doiron at Founders Delicatessen which was the “star” of the club supper at the Red Island Rowgatta 2021.
You can find Brad at the Founders booth at the Charlottetown Farmers Market.
But Lori has also kindly shared her own recipe!!
-One 4 lb boneless pork roast
* Cajun Rub (homemade or store bought recipe)
– 1 Cup of Ketchup (Heinz of course!)
– 1/2 Cup of vinegar
– 3 TBLSP of brown sugar
– 1 TBLSP of Dry mustard
– 1 TBLSP of Paprika
– 1/2 to 1 TBLSP of cayenne (I put less than this in the Rowing PEI recipe because not everyone likes heat)
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– 3 to 4 fresh garlic cloves, pressed
Mix all together and refrigerate.
If making with pulled pork roast at home:
Rub pork roast with Cajun rub. Put in ziploc bag and refrigerate overnight, or min. 4 hours.
* I skipped this step as Founders pulled pork came pre-seasoned and pre-cooked.
When ready to cook , pre-heat oven 250 degrees. Coat roast with 1/2 to 3/4 of the BBQ sauce. Cover and place in oven and cook for 6-7 hours. Make sure you baste every 45 mins.
Remove from oven and let sit 20 minutes. Using two forks pull apart/ shred into small pieces or chucks. Toss in remaining BBQ sauce , serve on fresh buns ( I like Portuguese buns), add coleslaw and pickles if preferred, serve with fries or salad, and corn or beans.
*If you like you pulled pork extra saucy, double the recipe.
*There are some good recipes out there for vegetarian pulled pork where you can make the “meat” with lentils, mushrooms, etc…
“Breaking bread together is an opportunity for nourishment on so many levels.” – Jen Schmidt
Bon appétit !

Call for Volunteer Board Treasurer – Rowing PEI

Call for Volunteer Board Treasurer – Rowing PEI

Rowing PEI is seeking a volunteer to sit on the Board of Directors and serve as Treasurer. 

Rowing PEI is the not-for-profit governing body for rowing in Prince Edward Island and one of Atlantic Canada’s most vibrant rowing clubs. Created in 2010, Rowing PEI has been working to grow the sport of rowing for Island adults and youth, supporting both recreational rowing and training for excellence at the regional and national levels. 

Rowing PEI offers flatwater rowing, which many are familiar with from the Olympics, as well as coastal rowing, a fast-growing sport that takes advantage of the windy, choppy waters of Charlottetown Harbour. When the winter temperatures push us off the water, we turn to indoor rowing, joining virtual rowing events with rowers from across Canada. 

The Treasurer will be joining Rowing PEI at an exciting time. With the Olympics on the horizon and our junior team currently training for the 2022 Canada Games, there is potential to significantly develop and grow the organization. 

The Treasurer is responsible for the following:

  • Performs financial planning and risk management for Rowing PEI;
  • Coordinates and accounts for membership dues and all fundraising activities;
  • Records all receipts and disbursements of Rowing PEI;
  • Submits an accurate financial statement to the President at the date established by the Board of Directors at year-end and any interim statements as required by the Board of Directors;
  • Cooperates with and informs the Board of Directors of major financial matters concerning Rowing PEI;
  • Arranges for financial statements to be available to the Board of Directors;
  • Prepares and administers yearly budgets and quarterly reviews for the Board of Directors;
  • Supports funding applications and reporting;
  • Supports and advises short-term and long-term financial planning; and
  • Attends regular board meetings (approximately 10/year), AGM and committee meetings, as appropriate. 

The Treasurer should bring financial management experience, ideally as an accountant or similar. An interest in sport and/or recreation would be ideal, but is not required. 

To be considered for nomination to the Rowing PEI Board of Directors, please submit a letter of interest and biography or resume to the Present of Rowing PEI, Sparrow McGowan at Any enquiries can be directed similarly. The position is currently vacant and will be open until filled. 

To learn more about Rowing PEI, please visit our website at or

Rowing PEI Annual General Meeting – Saturday March 6, 2021

Rowing PEI AGM Agenda 

Rowing PEI Annual General Meeting
Saturday March 6, 2021 from 10 a.m. to noon.
To be held virtually on Zoom

1. Call to order and roll call

2. Approval of the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting

3. Review of business arising out of those minutes that will not be covered in reports

4. President’s report

5. Strategic Planning process

6. Review 2020 annual statements

7. Appointment of accountant

8. Amendments to by-laws, if any

9. Election of officers

10. Any other business

11. Adjournment

2019 Annual General Meeting – Rowing PEI

Saturday March 7, 2020

10:00 a.m. House of Sport Royalty Centre, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Minutes prepared by Nancy Russell

Present : Daphne Dumont, Nancy Russell, Brian Higgins, Sparrow McGowan, Alex Forbes, Ernie Morello, Sterling Schnatz, Jamie Moran, Alan Hilburg and Patricia Caporaso (on the phone)

1. Welcome from President Daphne Dumont

2. Confirmation of quorum – according to the bylaws, we need 10% of the membership of 60 members. Eight are present, meeting the quorum requirement.

3. Brief introductions

Jamie Moran – golf pro at Belvedere Golf Club, moved to PEI from Newfoundland. Daughter Kiera is one of our junior rowers.

Patricia Caporaso -has rowed since childhood in Argentina – involved in agribusiness – teaches at Georgetown University

Alan Hilburg – not a rower but has a row boat built by his son – runs a global consulting company specializing in communications, branding and corporate crisis management

4. Motion to approve minutes from 2017 AGM held March 17, 2018

Nancy moves that the minutes be approved as circulated, Brian Higgins seconds.


5. Business arising that will not be covered – there was none identified

6. Treasurer’s Report

6.1 Brian Higgins moves to adopt 2019 annual statements prepared by Todd Gaudin

Seconded by Sparrow McGowan.


Revenues were generally up, including addition of junior program, more performance funding connected to junior rowers.

Spent $13k on equipment, including $8k on the Wintech trailer.

Spent $48k compared to $24k the year before. Depleted our reserves – spent $6k more than we took in.

Ended the year with $9k in the bank.

Should we be depreciating? Todd suggests we continue doing it as we have.

Equipment disposal – used oars.

Daphne thanked Brian for applying for grants and reporting on them.

6.2 Review of 2020-2021 draft budget

Core and performance funding are a 3 year cycle – we know what they will be for 2020 and 2021 seasons

HST rebate – exceed our goal already and there is potential for more

Membership fees are going up on April 1st to $350

First fee increase since 2016 – what we pay to RCA went up from $20 to $24 per person

Membership fees of $11,800 – that’s conservative

Coaching fees are new this year.

Projected revenues of $41.8k – similar to last year

Yacht club fees – we pay for a corporate membership and two slips

New rowing course installation at Brudenell and Charlottetown – budgeted $2.5k but it will go past that

Thanks to Ernie for applying for the federal job grant and handling for last 4 years

Plan is to find new sources of revenue

Brian motion: to approve the budget as put forward by the treasurer

Seconded by Ernie Morello


6.3 Motion that Todd Gaudin continue as accountant

Moved by Brian Higgins

Seconded by Alex Forbes


7. Program reports

a. Masters Competitive program – Sparrow – had 9 people participating in the morning sessions this past year in the mornings. Missed having a coach so looking forward to having a coach.

Competed at the Red Island Regatta.

This year – if the weather doesn’t permit rowing, we will do dryland training instead.

Alex is looking for a location for that training.

They are hiring a new manager at the CYC.

Would love to add more indoor rowing machines.

b. Junior Competitive program and Canada Games planning

Exciting to have a junior program again – beneficial to all of the club. We had 7 junior rowers and have added a few over the winter.  We are excited to have Chantelle Hanley as the 2021 CSG coach. We have never had a performance-certified coach and have always had to apply for an exemption. Nancy is manager. We had to submit CSG selection criteria to the PEI government Health Department, Sport Division. The goal is to compete at 3 regattas in 2020 and to continue to bring in new junior rowers, not just for the Canada Games but on an ongoing basis. We will also have a one week summer camp, as a pilot project in 2020.

c. Coastal program

Sparrow and Daphne attended RCA meetings where there is huge interest in coastal rowing. RCA wants to get more rowers into coastal rowing as it is seen as more accessible – want to attract surfers, beach-y athletes.

World Junior Olympics in 2021 – coastal will be an event.

RCA is holding various regattas across the country – Halifax/Kingston/ out west

Liteboats are being purchased and brought to Canada for World qualifying regattas and will be available after the competition for purchase. They are another manufacturer of coastal boats. (Our boats are made by another company in France called EuroDiffusion.) The dream is to have coastal boats someday manufactured in Canada.

Nancy is part of the Row Nova Scotia coastal committee, which is growing the sport in that province. They are planning a coastal regatta on Sunday July 5th in Lunenburg. Their goal is to invest in a trailer of coastal boats that can travel across the province to promote coastal rowing.

d. Red Island Regatta was a success and will return in 2020.

We have installed a 2,000 metre race course permanently on the Brudenell River in front of the resort. Hired a surveyor, so it was more expensive than projected.

Still need to sink the ropes to the anchor screws.

We will have sprints on Saturday morning, long coastal races Saturday PM. (4 kms) Beach sprints Sunday morning, 8 a.m. until noon.

Linda Lee will again be the Chief Umpire.

The start is closer to the Island.

Have to decide how to use the 2km course.

The only other 2k course is in Cape Breton and it’s not always in so this has huge potential.

Thanks to Alex and Brian and Stephen Murray for their hard work – the “ice team”!!

E. Indoor Rowing –  First ever Indoor Rowing Day in Canada was a huge success.

PEI had 50 participants who rowed more than 200 kilometres.

Want to “own” indoor rowing. Connected to our rowing community but also outreach.

e. Umpire development training

Report from Mary-Lynne Bruvels, our umpire coordinator, who was selected to be an umpire at the Canadian University Rowing Championships. This was a huge coup for PEI. Stephen has put his name in for the National Rowing Championships in September 2020.

There is also an online training session available to anyone who is interested.

f. Coach development and participation

Jordanne Buote is a candidate for the Canada Summer Games Women in Coaching Apprenticeship program.

Sparrow McGowan, Cassidy Doucette, Corinne Giasson-Jean and Nancy Russell are trained as Learn to Row coaches and have done RCA Coach Weekend One.

RCA Every Coach Certified will require criminal record checks and online training for all coaches.

g. Learn to Row program

We will now start in May at Synergy. Have created L2 training to follow Learn to Row.

Goal is to create “community” to support goal of retention

Have a “fun” excursion as their final row.

h. Registration date – Saturday April 25, 2020 10:00 a.m. to noon at House of Sport. This will be more of an “open house” as most people register online. We will do free lessons on the indoor rowing machine.

9. Other Reports

a. National RCA issues – Sparrow and Daphne reporting on national conference in Ottawa

Need concussion policy and pre-season education.

Will be posted on our website.

b. Infrastructure committee – has been established

Made repairs to dolly for coastal quad

Creating new metal racks for flatwater boats

We have a second outboard engine- 6 hp

Discussed a second safety boat

CYC spent $250k dredging – marina wants to lease more spaces

There are some murmurings of moving Rowing PEI to C dock – offering us 60 linear feet of launching space. We are on a CADC water lot –  the federal government owns the water – in this case, CADC owns the land where we are.

We will send a letter to the board of the Charlottetown Yacht Club outlining the positive benefits of our relationship and potentially meet with the board.

c. Planning session with Karolyn Godfrey – very successful – hope to generate more volunteers this season

d. Shannon MacAulay – Invited to a Rowing Canada training camp in February 2020, may compete internationally. Shannon is a well known athlete and a Kid Sport ambassador supports our goal of raising the profile of rowing on P.E.I. She is being encouraged to compete in coastal rowing.

e. Rowing the World – tour group July 20-24 2020 in Charlottetown and Brudenell . This is the third tour organized by the private company, operated by Ruth Marr. Last year, there were 7 participants from the US and Denmark. We have a capacity of 12 seats. Rowing PEI leases the boats to RTW and we are also paid a guide fee per day.  Last year, we made about $700. It’s also a good promotion for Rowing PEI.

f. Charlottetown harbour safety committee – continuing in 2020. The goal is to have a speed limit/no wake zone in the harbour. The committee has been working with Transport Canada. Have been told to have an education campaign first, with signage and posters in 2020.

G. Future partnerships to explore – Sparrow and Corinne went to a women in sport event, talked to people in rugby. They are based at Queen Elizabeth Park. Could we work together to build a clubhouse.  They also helped us moving boats. Keen to do things with us. We’ve started to pay them for moving our boats.

H. Summer student application – Brian has put in the application. We have a junior rower, Sohrab Saegh, who is graduating from Grade 12 and would be an excellent candidate.

10. Nomination report –

Slate: New president Sparrow McGowan, past president Daphne Dumont, secretary Nancy Russell, treasurer Brian Higgins, Alex Forbes member at large.

Members at large – Jamie Moran, Alan Hilburg.

Daphne asked three times if there are any further nominations. There were none.

Moved by Daphne – slate is accepted as presented.

Alan will be on PEI from April 1-10, then second week of June until November 1st.

Thanks to Daphne who has been part of Rowing PEI since incorporation in 2011.

Has offered to help as needed in the years ahead. Daphne has been a wonderful ambassador for rowing.

11. Any other business – First meeting of the board will be Thursday April 2nd, details to follow. Nancy will prepare a contact list for the new board.

12. Thanks and adjournment

Daphne adjourned

Minutes prepared by Nancy Russell

Bylaw amendments 2021

PROPOSED BY: Board of Directors

That the by-laws of Rowing Prince Edward Island be amended as follow:

Section 3:

The head office of the club will be at 40 Enman Crescent, Charlottetown, Queens County, Province of Prince Edward Island, C1E 1E6.

Section 6 (b):

All officers shall serve terms of one year and may not serve more than three consecutive terms (2011), except for the Treasurer and Secretary, who may serve five consecutive terms (added 2015 and 2021).

That the following addition be made to the by-laws of Rowing Prince Edward Island:

Appendix “A”, 6 (g): In between Annual Meetings, the Board of Directors may appoint an individual or individuals to vacant member-at-large and/or officer positions on the Board of Directors up to the maximum allowable number of board members. The term of any such interim appointment shall run until the next Annual Meeting, and shall count as a one-year term if the interim appointment is longer than six months.