Red Island Regatta 2023


Red Island Regatta 2023!

The Red Island Regatta will be held at beautiful Brudenell, P.E.I. on Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27, 2023!



What does coastal rowing look like at Brudenell, site of the Red Island Regatta?

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Red Island Regatta on Regatta Central






2022 Red Island Regatta

Coastal Races & Beach Sprints

Brudenell River, Prince Edward Island

Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28, 2022

Hosted by: Rowing Prince Edward Island 

We acknowledge that the land on which we gather, Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. The Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq have occupied this Island for over 12,000 years. We honour the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which recognized Mi’kmaq title and established an ongoing relationship between nations.

2022 Red Island Regatta: Coastal Racing, featuring coastal endurance and beach sprint events

Welcome! Bienvenue! Kwe’!

Welcome to the Red Island Regatta hosted by Rowing PEI. This year, the regatta will be a coastal only event. There will be 2500- and 4800-meter coastal endurance rowing on the afternoon of Saturday August 27th, and a full morning of beach sprints on Sunday August 28th. Rowers will compete on buoyed courses located on the Brudenell River, next to the Rodd Brudenell Resort and the Brudenell River Campground.  The races will start and finish on the beach between Brudenell Island and the campground, and there is lots of room for spectators. 

All boats and oars will be provided, so competitors only need to bring their spirit of adventure…and water shoes!! 

First Aid will be provided by the PEI GSAR (Ground Search and Rescue).  

For the coastal competition on Saturday afternoon, rowers will start in the water, jumping into their boats before rowing a buoyed course that will be visible to spectators on the shore. The finish will be at the sand spit, giving fans another great view. The beach sprints on Sunday morning will provide everyone with a taste of this exciting, rapidly growing form of rowing, which is catching fire around the world. 

The awards on Saturday will be handed out at the multi-purpose facility at the end of racing There will also be the traditional Red Island Regatta hospitality event, featuring a feast of Island baked potatoes and mussels. The awards for the beach sprints will be presented on the beach at the end of racing scheduled on Sunday. 

The two Coastal Endurance racing configurations on the Brudenell River will be: 

 1) 2500 metres

 2) 4800 metres* world coastal events are 4k for heats and 6k for finals

We are offering the 4.8k event as a challenge for rowers who want to experience the world coastal racing distance. There will be one or two flights, depending on interest.

The endurance races will be a wet launch with the start line being determined by the safest depth of launch with the changing tide. The start line will be determined by the organizing committee and the safety advisor prior to the start of racing and moved and marked as required based on the tide. 

The 500 m side by side beach sprints will begin with a competitor on the beach running to the boat, jumping in and navigating up and down the course, then sprinting back to the flag on the beach.

All rowers will be required to wear water shoes / footwear to prevent foot injuries and cuts from the natural beach setting.

We welcome you all to have some fun in this amazing and beautiful place.

We would especially like to thank our Rowing Prince Edward Island sponsors:

The Prince Edward Island Government Department of Health and Wellness, Sport Division

The Canada Games Legacy Fund

Arsenault Bros Construction, Platinum

Cooke Insurance, Silver

Brown’s Volkswagen, Silver

Maritime Electric

East Coast Docks

Shaw’s Hotel

Cymbria Lions Club

We welcome you and hope you enjoy a wonderful competition on our beautiful Island!

Nancy Russell

Chair of the Regatta Organizing Committee and President of Rowing Prince Edward Island

Board of Rowing Prince Edward Island – Alan Hilburg, Alex Forbes, Cassidy Doucette, Thomas Doiron, Sharon Gilbank, Mary MacLean, Jamie Moran, Verna Ryan

Chief Umpire  – Donna Bliss



2022 Red Island Regatta Coastal Events

*Proposed schedule only and may change depending on the number of entries

For all racing, the races are listed as open and final so that rowers can race all together. Awards will be presented for the different categories of Under 19 and Senior. We will be asking coaches to let us know which rowers are in each category. 

 (1) Under 19 — A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 19 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which they reach the age of 18, (2) Senior — A rower or coxswain of any age may compete as a Senior.


Practice and Captains’ Meetings

Start Event
8:30 Launch Safety Boats  Warm-up
9:00 Limited 20-minute slots (9:00, 9:30 and 10:00)*pre-register to practice Practice on course
10:30 All boats in the Start Area, course and safety check Beach staging
11:00  Coastal Captains Meeting* Multi-purpose
12:00 Check-in On the beach

*Captain = one person per boat, so if you are rowing a single, you must attend. In a double or quad, at least one person should be designated as captain. 

For the coastal endurance races, each flight will feature coastal doubles, coastal singles and a coastal quad competing side by side.

The Captains’ Meeting will be 11:00 a.m. August 28,2022 at the multi-purpose building. Competitors can check in for the first flight on the beach after the briefing.

Coastal Endurance 2500 metres and 4800 metres

 (25 min. for racing and 5 minutes change over. The last race will be 4.8 km)

12:30 PM 1st Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
1:00 PM 2nd Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
1:30 PM 3rd Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
2:00 PM 4th Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
2:30 PM 5th Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
3:00 PM 6th Flight Coastal – 2.5 km
3:30 PM 1st Long Distance – 4.8 km
3:45 PM Finish of the endurance races
4:00- 4:30 PM Boats pulled up and buoy placement in preparation for rowing in the morning
5:00 PM Coastal Endurance Awards

 Mussels, and Potatoes

Regatta registration fees are charged per seat raced (includes Rowing Canada $3.65 and Rowing Prince Edward Island $3.65 fees). See table below for seat fee structure.

Fee Structure for Coastal Endurance and Beach Sprints Events 
Fleet Fee / Seat
Single $30
Double $25
Quad $20

All cheques are to be made out to Rowing PEI with the details marked as Red Island Regatta, or e-Transfers are welcome to

*** If possible, we prefer that you pay Rowing PEI directly. 

A club may register multiple rowers and provide a single cheque or online payment. 

All payments must be received online or by cheque by Friday August 26th, 2022.

Note: Coastal Rower Registration

Everyone should select the 12:30 pm race on Regatta Central. 

Once registered, flights will be created based upon participation. 

There are a limited number of coastal boats/seats; please register early and efforts will be made to accommodate all requests. 

Coastal events will be Coastal 1x, Coastal 2x, Coastal 4x for U19 and Senior. All races will be considered open and finals. Prizes will be awarded based on times.

For Coastal 4x, crews can provide their own coxswain or a RPEI cox will be arranged.

You must wear protective footwear for the coastal races. Rowers without footwear will not be allowed to compete.

If cancellation of this regatta is unavoidable due to inclement weather or for any reason beyond the control of the organizing committee, no refunds will be offered.



  1. Unless otherwise noted in this package, the RCA Rules of Racing approved in January 2022 will be followed. 


  1. Regatta registration must be completed online through Regatta Central. Each club is responsible for registering their own athletes. All athletes must be in the RCA membership system. No other form of registration will be accepted. 
  1. The registration must be completed by the deadline as stated in Regatta Central.
  1. If you are unable to complete registration or have technical difficulties contact
  1. RCA membership numbers of all participants are required. Registration will be verified through RCA and participants who are not registered with RCA will NOT be allowed to participate. US Rowing participants must include their registration number on the entry form as well. 
  1. Entries will open June 15,2022 and close August 12th,2022 at midnight to allow organizers time to organize flights and source additional boats if needed.

Race schedules will be released in the regatta bulletin which will be sent by email and posted online. 

  1. Scratches without penalty must be received by midnight August 19th,2022, one week before the event. Scratches received after August 19th, 2022 will forfeit entry fees. 
  1. Scratches after racing has begun will be listed a DNS (did not start) and will forfeit entry fees without suitable medical attestation. 
  1. All substitutes must be listed on the athlete list. Clubs can edit the crew lineups at any point in time up to 1 hour before the start of the race. This allows time to validate the athletes in the RCA database. 


  1. There will be a Captains’ Meeting 11:00 A.M. August 27th and 8:00 A.M. August 28th. One crew member in every boat must attend the captains’ race and safety meeting. Crews not in attendance will be issued a yellow card.

 At this meeting, we will review the race schedule, draw, and accept name changes. This meeting will review the major rules of the regatta for the Coastal events.

  1. A race will not be delayed accommodating a late arriving crew. 
  1. To avoid potential schedule conflicts, back-to-back races will not be permitted.
  1. The number of club entries in each event may be restricted and dependent on the registrations and the available spaces / seats. 
  1. The number of races per athlete will depend on the number of entries and the available seats to be raced. This will be determined by the coaches and the organizing committee.
  1. There will be no Weigh-ins.
  1. Please be advised that the race schedule is subject to change depending on the number of     entries per event. 
  1. The course will be open for boats to practice from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, August 28th for periods of 20 minutes to be signed up prior to arriving on site.
  1. Coaches – please check with regatta organizers to make sure the safety boat is on the water before sending out your athletes and let them know when your boats are back in. The safety is scheduled to launch by 8:30 on August 28th.
  1. On site security will be provided from 7 pm to 6 am Saturday night by campground staff. 
  1. Meals and snacks will be the responsibility of the individual rowers and organized by their coaches or managers.
  1. A mid-afternoon Saturday and mid-morning Sunday snack will be offered to officials and volunteers. 


  1. There will be a free day-one, post-regatta hospitality event at the multi-purpose centre prior to the awards on Saturday afternoon, consisting of Island mussels and P.E.I. baked potatoes. It is usually one of the highlights of the regatta! 
  1. There will be water filling stations and all competitors and volunteers must bring a reusable water bottle. Rowing PEI encourages recycling and will make every effort to make our regatta as environmentally sustainable as possible.
  1. The Red Island Organizing committee needs volunteers, and it is a great way to experience this event. Parents and others willing to volunteer their time are asked to contact


  1. Clubs qualified to participate at the regatta must be in good standing with RCA. 
  1. International crews (US and abroad) must provide suitable documentation that their club is registered and in good standing with their National Governing Body. 
  1. All members at the regatta must be represented in consistent club colors. Although it is understood that a variety of rowing uniforms are available such as singlets, uni-suits, etc., officials of the regatta must see a clear consistency in the color and pattern worn by all members, male and female, representing one club. 
  1. Competitors must be registered with their National Sport Governing Body and provide suitable documentation with registration (Canadian athletes must submit RCA numbers with registration and US athletes should submit US Rowing numbers). 
  1. Competitors participating in multiple events are responsible for allowing sufficient time to race in one event, land, re-queue, and launch in time for an additional event.
  1. A competitor may compete for his/her club or province or as an individual. 
  1. Competitors may participate as a member of a composite crew (two or more clubs).
  1. The Rowing PEI Sprints recognizes two categories of rowers: under 19 and Senior for these coastal events.

Categories of Rowers and Proof of Age and Identity. On request, every competitor must be able to provide proof of age and identity by producing government issued documentation with photo, or other acceptable form of identification as stipulated by the OC and stated in the Regatta Package or Bulletin. RCA recognizes the following categories of competitors: (1) Under 19 — A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 19 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which they reach the age of 18, (2) Senior — A rower or coxswain of any age may compete as a Senior.


  1. Rowing PEI seeks to create a rewarding and fun competitive experience. Events may be combined to provide athletes with racing opportunities. The categories of rowers and classes of boats will be:

Men-C1X, C2X: U19 & Senior

Women-C1X, C2X: U19 & Senior

Mixed- C2X: U19 & Senior

Mixed – C4X: U19 & Senior


And yes, the winners do receive bags of P.E.I. potatoes!!



 THE SHOAL – Will be marked with Red 18 cm round buoy and is to be avoided. The course is 500 meters from the shoal buoy on the north side. The marker is in place so that the safety boats and on-water umpire boats avoid the shoal.

Course layout:

Coastal Endurance Red Course (2.5k)

Blue-Red Course (4.8K)

Warm up and Cool down Areas are located on land due to the turn-around use of the equipment. See site map.

  1. For the practice sessions, the warm-up / practice area will be in the basin area in front of the multi-purpose building. The traffic pattern will be clockwise, and the beach sprint buoys will be used to mark the practice area
  1. The cool-down area will be in the grassy area between the beach and the multi-purpose centre.  *add to map 

Coastal Rowing

  1. For coastal races, competitors will start next to their boats in the water. Competitors must wear protective footwear, or they will not be allowed to participate. This will be strictly enforced after some rowers cut their feet on shells in previous years. We suggest waterproof shoes or narrow running shoes that you don’t mind getting wet! 
  1. The coastal course is not triangular in shape. See map for layout.
  1. Rules for the coastal course will follow the rules of coastal racing in the RCA Rules of Racing approved in January 2022. 

Boat holders will be used for the coastal endurance events and will be provided by the respective crews. 

Crews are to report to control after every race.

  1. Rule for Overtaking (passing): It is the responsibility of a crew overtaking another crew to avoid interfering with the crew being overtaken; a crew which is being overtaken must maintain its course and shall not interfere with the overtaking crew. If a crew being overtaken obstructs or interferes with the overtaking crew by changing its course or in any other manner, the Race Umpire may penalize the crew causing obstruction or interference or hindrance by awarding a time penalty of 60 seconds or may exclude the crew or take other appropriate measures under the rules.
  2. Rule for passing at the Buoy: A boat has right of way over another boat at a turning mark if, before either boat begins to turn the mark, it has an overlap of the other boat and is on the inside of the turn. The right of way shall continue until the turn is completed by both boats. If the overlapping boat is not on the inside of the turn, the boat who is on the inside will have the right of way until the turn is complete.
  1. Missing a buoy: A crew who has missed a turn buoy must go back around to complete the turn or will be marked as DNF.
  1. Penalties Not giving right of way – 60 sec. Missing a turn buoy – disqualification.
  1. Objections – Will be heard at the Control Commission immediately upon return from flight up until the start of the next flight.

Beach Sprints: 

Brudenell Beach Sprint Course

*We will have a limited number of entries in the Beach Sprint so please register ASAP if you are interested in trying this exciting new format!


Racing will be match racing (2 boats at a time). One rower per crew will start on the beach. In the case of a double, one will be on the beach, the other will be in the water with the boat and oars. 

The race starts with a short run to the boat. Then the crew steers through a 250 m slalom course and returns to the beach (total rowing 500 m).

Boat holders will be used for the Beach Sprints and provided by the respective crews.

When they arrive back at the beach, one of the rowers from each crew runs to the finish line.  

Crews are to report to control after every race. 

*subject to change depending on the number of entries

-Competitors with the top four times in the time trials will qualify for the quarterfinals. 

-The semifinals will be an A and B crossover.

Solo Time Trials STT


8:30 STT1

8:37 STT2

8:44 STT3

8:51 STT4

8:58 STT5

9:05 STT6

9:12 STT7

9:20 STT8

9:27 STT Finish

Doubles Time Trials DTT


9:30 DTT1

9:37 DTT2

9:44 DTT3

9:51 DTT4

9:58 DTT5

10:05 DTT6

10:12 DTT7

10:20 DTT8

10:27 DTT Finish.

Solo Quarter finals A and B Group SQFA and SQFB


10:30 SQFA1

10:37 SQFA2

10:44 SQFB1

10:51 SQFB2

SQF Finish 10:58  


Double Quarter finals A and B Group DQFA and DQFB  


11:00 DQFA1

11:07 DQFA2

11:14 DQFB1

11:21 DQFB2

DQF Finish 11:28

Semi Finals Solo


11:30 SSF1 (SQFA1 & SQFB1)

11:37 SSF2 (SQFA2 & SQFB2)

11:44 SSF Finish Time

Semi Finals Doubles  


11:45 DSF1 (DQFA1 & DQFB1)

11:52 DSF2 (DQFA2 & DQFB2)

11:59 DSF Finish Time

Finals Solo  (SF and Doubles Finals DF)


12:00 SF2 (2nd place SSF1 & 2nd place SSF2)

12:07 DF2 (2nd place DSF1 & 2nd place DSF2)

Finish 12:14    


12:15 SF1 (1st place SSF1 & 1st place SSF2)  

12:22 DF1 (1st place DSF1 & 1st place DSF2)

Finish 12:30



  1. Awards ceremony for the coastal endurance events will be conducted immediately following the last race of the day at the multi-purpose center on Saturday August 27, 2022.

Photography opportunities will be available in the awards area for crews.

  1. Awards will be given out at the end of the day 12:30 on the beach on Sunday, August 28, 2022.


  1. Coastal boats will be provided for all events. 
  2. A Red Island Regatta map for the courses and the regatta control is attached.
  3. More details and diagrams will be posted on the Rowing PEI website.


  1. Cars may be parked in one of three parking lots. These parking lots are associated with the Provincial Park and the Rodd Brudenell Resort.  
  • The first is located at the resort for rowers staying as a resort guest and is located close to the main building and is a 5-minute walk to the regatta control and boat storage.  
  • The second parking lot is associated with the Dundarave Golf Course and is part of the resort parking.
  • The third parking area is associated with the Provincial Campground and will be reserved for officials and rowers who are not staying at the resort. These parking spots are limited and are located north of the multi-purpose building where Regatta Control is located.
  • Parking on the roads is not permitted to leave room for emergency vehicles whether Fire or EMS.


  1. The public boat launch for safety boats and umpire launches assisting in the running of the regatta will be provided by the organizing committee on request: 

Rowers and regatta officials arriving by water will need to notify the regatta organizing committee by August 16th,2022 to obtain approval from the use of the Brudenell marina on the day of the regatta.

  1. Safety Boats and Umpire Launches will be able to tie up to the outside of the Brudenell Marina co-located with the resort.  


  1. There are washrooms and showers in the multi-purpose center.


  1. First Aid is provided at the launch area by the PEI GSAR (Ground Search and Rescue).


  1. There are restaurants at the Rodd Brudenell Resort and at the golf club. 


  1. The social event will be held after racing on Saturday August 28th. This will include Island mussels, baked potatoes, and the awards presentation.
  • Red Island Regatta Merchandise

Merchandise will be available through our Rowing Prince Edward Island online store.

You can purchase T-shirts and other merchandise online for pickup at the event.


  1. Rodd Brudenell Resort are limited so you may want to get in touch with the resort ASAP if you are interested in staying on site. Website:
  • Camping – Brudenell River Provincial Park:

Here is the link for other accommodations in the area, including the campground that is adjacent to the racecourse.

Regatta Site Map

Directions to Brudenell via the Confederation Bridge

1 h 23 min (107 km) via Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 W and Georgetown Rd/PE-3 E, Confederation Bridge, Borden-Carleton, PE. Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 W to Vernon Bridge 1 h 3 min (78.5 km) Follow Georgetown Rd/PE-3 E to Brudenell Island Blvd in Lot 53 20 min (28.7 km) to Brudenell River Provincial Park Cardigan, PE C0A 1G0

Directions to Brudenell via the Wood Islands Ferry

33 min (38.0 km) via Wood Islands Rd Northumberland Ferries Ltd Head north on Service Rd toward Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1, 39 s (290 m). Take Wood Islands Rd/PE-315 N and PE-4 N to Brudenell Island Blvd in Lot 53 31 min (36.8 km). Turn right onto Brudenell Island Blvd. Destination will be on the right 1 min (950 m) to Brudenell River Provincial Park, Cardigan, PE C0A 1G0