Red Island Rowgatta – August 21, 2021 at Brudenell Provincial Park


*please note the competition has been compressed into 1 day!

v7 – Entries – Red Island Rowgatta 2021

The Multipurpose Centre is our home base. It is directly across from Brudenell Riding Stables.  Parking is available at the Multipurpose Centre. 

Here is a map of Brudenell Provincial Park


8:00 a.m. Saturday AM  Competitors meeting for 1,000 metre races – at Multipurpose Centre * please be on time because the first boats need to head out ASAP


1,000 metre races – please be at the start at least 5 minutes before the race

                               -line up with Boat 1 closest to the resort          

                               -after the race, please row back to the beach along the NON-RESORT SIDE OF THE COURSE.  Someone may be using your boat in the next race, so please return as quickly as possible!

                               *WATCH OUT FOR THE SHOAL NEAR THE MARINA – IT IS MARKED with a large orange buoy!  It reaches all the way out from the resort to the buoy.      


8:45     Race #1  


Boat 1 Boat 2  Boat 3
Quad (Mary/Chrissy/Corinne/Cassidy)   Tom-single    Joe – single 


9:15 Race #2


  Alyssa/Kailee – coastal double   Nick – single Kiera/Emily – double 




9:45   Race #3 


Mary/Chrissy (double) Corinne – single 




10:00  set up coastal course – remove buoys at 1,000 metres (x2)  -bring to beach


Coastal Endurance – Saturday AM 


10:15    Competitors Meeting at the Control Tent on the beach 


10:30-11:15  Race #5 – Coastal Endurance


Corinne/Cassidy Kailee/Alyssa       Tom – single


11:15-12:00  Race #6 – Coastal Endurance  


Krista/Jayne       Mary/Chrissy


12:00 – 12:45   Race #7- Coastal Endurance 


  Tom /Luke Sharon/Cassidy  Corinne  – single    




12:45-1:30    Lunch to Volunteers –  Prepare for Beach Sprints 


Coastal Beach Sprints – Saturday PM  


For the beach sprints, everyone will race once in the time trials. 

The top 4 times will move on to the semifinals

The top 2 in the semis move on to the finals. 

Everyone is guaranteed at least one race!


Single – Nick, Joe 


Double –  Kailee/Alyssa    Krista/Jayne    Mary/Chrissy  Corinne/Cassidy Tom/Luke



1:30     Competitors Meeting at the Control Tent on the beach 


1:45 – 2:00  Time Trials – Singles  


2:00 – 2:30  Time Trials – Doubles 


2:30-2:45   Single – finals


2:45 – 3:15    Double – semifinals 


3:30- 3:45    Double – finals 


4:00    Team Relay  


Team Relay  *teams subject to change 


Blue    Joe   Krista/Jayne  Nick  Corinne/Cassidy 


Green   Chrissy  Alyssa/Kailee   Mary    Emily/Kiera   


4:00 Load boats and prepare for awards and club supper 


5:00 Awards and Supper 


SUNDAY NOON AT CYC – unload trailer and return boats to the dock!

Rowing action returns to the Brudenell River on Saturday August 21 and Sunday August 22, as Rowing PEI brings its boats back to the beach at Brudenell Island. 

The club is also offering the public a chance to come and get a closer look at rowing on Friday August 20, between 10 and noon, and 1 until 3 at Brudenell Island beach, even the chance to get in a boat. 

The Red Island Rowgatta will feature members of the Island’s rowing club, who train in Charlottetown and at Brackley Beach during the summer. 

The Rowgatta replaces the Red Island Regatta, which was cancelled last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rowing Canada Aviron only started sanctioning full competitions this month, so Rowing PEI decided to go for an Island-only event for 2021. 

The Rowgatta features two kinds of racing shells: the flat water or fine shells, similar to the ones recently seen at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as well as coastal shells.  

The coastal shells are made for ocean rowing, more stable in high wind and waves, and with an open stern, so water can come into the boats without sinking them. 

On Saturday morning, the competition will begin with the flat water races, featuring the Island’s Canada Games athletes in training, preparing for the Summer Games in the Niagara Region in 2022.

Next up on Saturday, the coastal competitions will feature endurance events, with rowers racing 3 kilometres around a series of large inflatable buoys, similar to a sailing course. 

Sunday morning will feature coastal beach sprints, which are the latest trend in world rowing.

The races will feature beach starts, competitors jumping into their boats and rowing around a 250-metre slalom course with a sprint back to shore. The race ends with one of the rowers running to the beach and across the finish line. 


The coastal beach sprints are crowd pleasers, and are gaining in popularity around the world. The hope is that they will be part of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 

The public can sign up to try rowing on Friday by sending an email to  There will be experienced rowers on site who can explain the sport and help with demonstrations.  

For more information, please contact Nancy at or 902-394-3297. 

You can also follow Rowing PEI on Facebook and Instagram