Coastal Rowing

Coastal Rowing

The Pitch

Coastal has the potential to revolutionize the sport of rowing in Canada. With coastal shells, more people across Canada can access many more of our waterways, in boats that are stable, easy to use, and fun. Weather is no longer a regular impediment to rowing, as coastal equipment can manage stronger winds. Clubs can use coastal equipment to appeal to a broader membership, and as a tool for LTR and Masters programs. And, coastal rowing shells will enable clubs to offer rowing tours, bringing in much-needed tourism dollars that will bolster local economies and support club development.


  • already popular in many countries around the world, including Ireland, France, Italy, Peru. The 2019 World Coastal Rowing Championships will be held in Hong Kong.
  • Coastal rowing could potentially be added to the Olympics. World Rowing president FISA President Jean-Christophe Rolland has said publicly:

“We are working very hard on reading the changes in the world and the world of sport, and working with our members to adjust and lead the appropriate changes for our sport.

“This means FISA’s Strategic Plan including greater involvement in indoor rowing and coastal rowing as well as FISA’s Olympic Strategy as the Olympic Movement moves through the constantly changing environment.”

Canada hosted the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships in Sidney, B.C. in October 2018 with great success! Hundreds of spectators lined the shore to watch the competition.

Ideas for Clubs

  • Coastal extends the season into cold-water weather
  • Can use coastal on windy days when flat-water equipment can’t go out
  • Appeals to masters who are afraid of tippier shells
  • Shells can be used for smaller athletes – good entry point for younger people getting into rowing earlier
  • Safety – they’re much safer than flat-water equipment, and harder to damage
  • Cost – lots cheaper than flat-water shells
  • Use a fleet of coastal shells to take on tours around your area – not just in your usual waterway

Ideas for Tourism/Community Outreach

  • Adventure rowing – the adrenaline-inducing version of flat-water rowing
  • Weekend warriors – people wanting to crush 25 kms on a Saturday morning
  • European visitors – those who already row coastal in Europe can try out Canadian waters
  • Dragon boat-type events – corporate races

How much do they weigh?

(Most coastal clubs use dollies of some sort to move the boats in and out of the water.)

  • All of the companies are working to make the boats lighter but they all have to meet standards set by FISA. The minimum permitted weights are:
  • C1X   35 kilograms
  • C2X  60 kilograms
  • C4+/4x+   150 kilograms

How much do they cost?

There are still some Euro Diffusion boats available for purchase after the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Victoria, B.C. in October 2018. They are a fantastic deal.

There are other companies that manufacture and sell coastal boats:

Filippi Coastal boats

Leo Coastal Rowing


Swift Coastal racing boats