Canada’s solar-powered rowing club


Lakeland Rowing Club in Vermilion, Alberta was well ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing renewable energy. 

They had to embrace solar energy ten years ago, because there was no power line access to the provincial park where they are located. And even if the park would allow it, it would have been cost-prohibitive.

When the club first started in 1996, they had no electricity. They used strategically-positioned car headlights for dark fall morning practices. How’s that for Canadian innovation?!?

The club bought their 100-watt solar panel more than 10 years ago. Originally, it was just for their shed, and flood lights for the compound. Now the solar light lights up their boathouse as well, thanks to help from some electrical instructors and apprentices at Lakeland College. 

The club has upgraded from fluorescent to LED lighting, again making the green choice.

Interesting fact: if you go to Google satellite, Vermilion AB you can see the facility on the reservoir!

Thanks to Lakeland Rowing Club’s Peter Walsh for sharing his solar story.