The Annual General Meeting of Rowing P.E.I. will take place on Saturday March 30, 2019.

ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME and encouraged to attend.  Family of rowers and others interested in our sport are also most welcome.

Date:  SATURDAY March 30, 2019

Time: 10:00 a.m. – noon and we plan to go for lunch afterwards!

Place: House of Sport, Royalty Centre

40 Enman Crescent (a left turn off University Avenue after UPEI and before Staples, then turn right. Next to Charlottetown Rural)

Room Room 125, first floor

Come and find out about our plans for the 2019 season, including the return of the Red Island Regatta and our new Skills and Drills program.

Thanks – and be sure to save the date!

Daphne Dumont – President, Rowing PEI

The minutes from the 2018 AGM are pasted below.

2017 Annual General Meeting – Rowing PEI
March 17, 2018 10:00 a.m. House of Sport Royalty Centre

Present: Michael Gibson, Daphne Dumont, Nancy Russell, Brian Higgins, Dinah Arviko, Ernie Morello, Heather MacKinnon, Stephen Murray, Stephen Mellish, Joeanne Woodard, Russ Bryden, Lea Bryden.

  1. Call to Order:
    Daphne Dumont called the meeting to order at 10:15
    The official quorum is four members and 12 were present.
  2. Agenda:
    The agenda was circulated and approved as presented.
  3. Approval of Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting:
    Moved by Nancy Russell, seconded by Michael Gibson that the minutes of the 2017 annual meeting be formally approved.
    Carried unanimously.
  4. Business Arising:
    None that would not be dealt with during the reports
  5. Reports:

5.2 Treasurer – Brian Higgins
(a) The Treasurer reviewed the annual statement of the 2017 year in detail.
He responded to questions from members about a contingency fund of some sort. We have about $9.5 k available if needed.
Question: at what point are we going to depreciate the assets. Board will take this on as a task.
Also need to finalize detailed inventory that was done in summer 2017. Board will also take this on.
Loan for quad will be paid off in mid-April. That will make us debt-free.
Moved by Brian Higgins, seconded by Michael Gibson that the 2017 annual statement of Rowing PEI be approved. Carried unanimously.

(b) The 2018 draft budget was circulated by the Treasurer.
Brian noted that we took in $30,000 and spent the same. He projects that number will be lower this year without the Canada Games income and expenses.
He highlighted that membership revenues were $2,000 more than projected because of the number of LTRs . 31 in 2017.
Ernie suggested we need to take a close look at maintaining and repairing the docks. Assess if they need work. They will deteriorate. Andrew at the CYC takes care of their docks.
Suggestion was made to have a look at them. Ernie will make contact with Andrew to have a look at them.
Our docks are from 2009 Games. There are 3 low profile and a finish and start and starter blocks in the woods at Brudenell. We sold 3 starter docks. They were the property of Canoe Kayak, which we were part of.
They could still be valuable if we could get them floated.
The board will continue to pursue this as a possibility.
Boat expenses are higher because we kept some wooden boats from Joyce’s barn. The board has agreed to store them for one year. But if nothing is done be fall, we will dispose of them.
Daphne – has to be part of the useful fleet.
There are two quads.
Heather did the repair clinic at the RCA Conference. We also have offers of help from Peter in New Brunswick.
Also discussed potential of selling them.
Moved by Brian Higgins, seconded by Michael Gibson that the detailed 2018 budget be adjusted as circulated

(c) Moved by Brian Higgins and seconded by Michael Gibson that Todd Gaudin continue to act as our accountant for 2017-2018 year.
Need a signed form from RCA that money comes from federal government. Has to be 40 per cent from government sources to get rebate.
If our income is not from government, then we will have to charge HST.
The board needs to deal with this immediately.
What about the threshold of gross revenue.
Brian will check with our accountant Todd Gaudin.

5.3 Competitive Program and “blue sky” recommendations – presentation of report by Lea Bryden.

5.4 Coastal Program – 2017 and 2018 plans – Nancy
New punch card system for 2018 – offer 4 rows for $100 with possibility of renewing
Double on the dock and reconfigure the dock
New L2 training in 2018 – focus on hospitality and customer service
LTR certification – continue to offer LTR on demand
Rowing the World – Canada Day weekend
World coastal championship in Victoria BC – training camp

5.5 Regattas (indoor/outdoor)
First Red Island Indoor Rowing Challenge in February 2018 – about a dozen participants. Brought ergs to the Stratford Town Hall. Southport Room. Borrowed USB hub from Row Nova Scotia to run Concept 2 racing Program. Thanks to Stephen Mellish for computer wizardry. Hope to grow the event in 2019.

2018 Red Island Regatta – Russ Bryden co-chair
Budget and Regatta package have been approved by the board.
Package has been sent to Chief umpire Linda Lee.
Regatta Central system is still in the works.
Working on the anchor screws at Brudenell.
Want to make money in the event.
Same format as last year.
Saturday August 25th and Sunday August 26th

  1. Bylaw Changes – Daphne
    Amendment to the amendment
    Change wording:
    To continue to act as the
    Motion – that the proposed bylaw amendment be passed as amended.
    Moved by Stephen MURRAY, seconded by Russ Bryden.
  2. Nominating Report –
    Members at large: Joeanne Woodard, Lea Bryden (liaison with flatwater task force)

Secretary – Nancy Russell (2nd of 3 years)
Treasurer- Brian Higgins (1 of 5 years max)
President- Daphne Dumont (2 of 3 years max)
We have approved the slate as nominated.
Daphne officially thanked Mike Gibson for his years of service and presented him with a gift.

5.1 President’s Report – Daphne Dumont
There will be a refresher for officials after extensive changes to the Rules of Racing. That will involve Stephen MURRAY, Mary Lynne Bruvels, and Daphne. There is money in the budget.
Great welcome to visiting rowers. This matters as they help spread the word.
Great social events.
Hired a summer student. Thanks to Ernie for application. We have applied again in 2018, with emphasis on the Regatta.
Shannon MacAulay- training for 6 months in Halifax with Pat Coady through RBC Training Ground
Emily Cameron is getting married in September on P.E.I. Congrats to her and Ollie.

  1. Other Business
    Registration in person will be Saturday April 28th 10-2 at House of Sport Royalty Centre
    Stephen Murray- we need to do succession planning for officials and coaches. The board will take this on as a project in 2018.
  2. Adjournment:
    Adjournment there being no further business, the meeting adjourned.
    Minutes taken by board member Nancy Russell

Proposed Bylaw Amendments for Rowing PEI 2017 Annual Meeting — March 17, 2018

  1. Addition to “Objects and Purposes”: MOVED that the following object be added to the objects and purposes of the corporation, as #5;
  2. To act as the Provincial Sport Organization for the sport of rowing in P.E.I., provided this continues to be permitted by the province and by Rowing Canada.)

2: Reorganization of the Board of Directors: MOVED that Section 6(a) (Board of Directors) be amended to read as follows:

6.(a) The Board shall be comprised of three elected officers as well as one to six members at large, two of whom shall serve as:

(a)     Liaison from the Coastal Rowing Committee; and

(b)     Liaison from the Regatta Committee.

The officers shall be: (i) President;

(ii)     Secretary; and

(iii)   Treasurer.

The immediate Past-President may fill one of the member-at-large positions for one year, but may not vote.

P.E.I. rower to compete at national championship in B.C.

Photo by Jason Hoyt

Shannon MacAulay of Mount Herbert, P.E.I. has been training all season for a chance to turn some heads at the National Rowing Championships in Burnaby, B.C. this week.

MacAulay will compete in the women’s 1x competition, starting on Thursday, November 8th at Burnaby Lake. There are 60 entries in the Women’s Open single scull category, including Canadian Olympian Carling Zeeman.

This is MacAulay’s first full year in rowing. She spent six years with Hockey Canada and played for Team Canada at the 2015 Nations Cup as a member of the National Women’s Development Team.

Photo by Jason Hoyt

She was recruited into rowing through the RBC Training Ground program and has been training with the North Star Rowing Club in Dartmouth since May.


MacAulay has performed well regionally. She won both of her events at the Red Island Regatta in Brudenell, P.E.I., finishing first in the women’s coastal single and the coastal mixed double, along with Will Bryden from North Star.

In September, she also won the Pelham Championship Race at the North West Arm Regatta in Halifax, N.S.

Photo by Jason Hoyt

MacAulay will compete for the first time at 12:00 p.m. (PT) on Thursday, November 8th, 4:00 p.m. (AT), with more races on Friday and Saturday, and the finals on Sunday.

For the full draw and results:

Rowing PEI president Daphne Dumont presents Shannon MacAulay with a cheque for $1,000 from the Elite Athlete Assistance Program. Thanks to the Department of Health and Wellness for the support.

In the news!

Shannon sat down recently with CBC Compass host Louise Martin to talk about her transition from ice skates to oars.

Here is what she had to say:

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I started back in April. I moved to Halifax and it’s been tull time training, six days a week. It’s been an amazing experience so far, the people I’ve been able to meet.”

On RBC Training Ground:

 “It’s an amazing program really. I had just finished my first year in the Canadian women’s Hockey League and when I moved home, people were sending me this link to the RBC Training Ground.”

“When I did it, it was really cool because it allows, especially for the Maritimes, the small provinces, it allows these kids to get exposed to different sport and for the national sports organizations to see what these kids can do.”

“For P.E.I., it’s really neat, we put up a lot of really great athletes per capita so to be able to show off our talent is pretty cool.”

On making the transition from hockey to rowing:

“It’s different. I do really enjoy it and it’s something new. Some days it’s a love hate because it’s a really tough sport.”

“At the start, it was a lot of learning and really fresh so I was really engaged and I still am. But now it’s mentally more challenging as the progression is slowing down a little bit.”

“I have myself on a time frame and I’m pushing every day to get to the goals that I set for myself. With the discussions I’ve had with Rowing Canada and my coach and my teammates, it’s a lot of pressure, I guess, in a sense but it’s all good.”

Shannon MacAulay will be the lone competitor from P.E.I. at the National Rowing Championships:

“Part of me, it makes me a little sad because I think rowing could be bigger here.”

I’d like to see this group be bigger, going from P.E.I. Now that I’ve gotten involved in the sport, it’s a great sport and we’re an island, we live around water so there’s not reason why we can’t promote this more and get more people rowing.”

Shannon wanted to go to the Olympics in hockey and it didn’t happen. Is she hoping it’s possible with rowing?

“Essentially yes. I think when I set myself up for this, that was the big end goal and I know there are a lot of steps and a lot of work to get there.”

“It’s day by day but my vision, that’s definitely there. I’ve set myself on a tight time frame. It’s tough but that’s what I’m going to be pushing for.”


Hockey PEI

January 6, 2015 ·

Congrats to Team Canada and PEI’s own Shannon MacAulay on winning Gold today at the Nations Cup in Füssen, Germany. Shannon is in back row in the middle.


Rowers return to Red Island Regatta on the Brudenell River this weekend

The Red Island Regatta is returning to the Brudenell River this Saturday after a one year hiatus and, for one P.E.I. rower, it will be a chance to compete in front of family and friends.

Shannon MacAulay of Mount Herbert is a relative newcomer to rowing. She spent six years with Hockey Canada and played for Team Canada at the 2016 Nations Cup as a member of the National Women’s Development Team.

She was recruited into rowing through the RBC Training Ground program and has been training hard with the North Star Rowing Club in Dartmouth since May.

MacAulay has competed at two rowing competitions so far: the Nova Scotia Sprints on Lake Banook in July and, most recently, at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario.

On Saturday, she will compete closer to home.

The Red Island Regatta will feature 1,000 metre sprint races in the morning in front of the Rodd Brudenell resort. The finish line is close to the Brudenell marina.

In the afternoon, the rowers will switch to coastal boats and compete on a 2.3  kilometre course along the river towards Georgetown and back. They will be launching from the beach on Brudenell Island.

Competitors are coming from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to row, including a varsity team from St. FX.  There will also be 10 entries from the host club, Rowing P.E.I.

Home base for the event will be Activity Centre in Brudenell Provincial Park.  Spectators are welcome to come down to the water and cheer on the rowers.

The races begin at 7:30 a.m. and will wrap up by 4:30 in the afternoon.

Regatta organizers are thankful for the support they’ve received from premiere sponsor, East Coast Docks, the governments of P.E.I. and Canada, the Montague Waterfront Development Corporation, P.E.I. Parks, HMCS Queen Charlotte and Tranquility Cove Adventures.

“We are excited to showcase our sport on the beautiful Brudenell River and hope Prince Edward Islanders will take advantage of this opportunity to see some great competition, including the relatively new sport of coastal rowing,” said Russ Bryden, co-chair of the regatta.

Rowing P.E.I. was formed in 2010 with the loan of a  recreational fleet from Rowing Canada Aviron. The club now has about 50 members, rowing out of the Charlottetown Yacht Club.  Rowing P.E.I. offers Learn to Row programs regularly through the summer.

For more information:

Contact:  Russ Bryden

Co-chair, Red Island Regatta

Ph: 902-209-6333

We are hiring a Rowing Program Coordinator!

Rowing Program Coordinator                                     

Position Rowing Program Coordinator

Conditions of employment 8 weeks contract, 30 hours per week (varied hours/weeks)
Salary $ 11.55/hr
Start date June 1, 2018  

Location of employment Charlottetown Yacht Club (CYC) on the Charlottetown waterfront
Brudenell Resort

Job summary

Rowing PEI is the non-profit Provincial governing body for the sport of rowing in Prince EdwarD Island. The successful applicant will be assisting in:

-the organization and delivery of our second national sanctioned rowing regatta to be held August 25 and 26

-the promotion of the sport to the public and tourists.

Daily duties would include maintaining equipment, assisting with launching of boats, ensuring all safety policies of the club are being followed by all participants, operating the safety boat, and providing Learn to Row Coaching. Administrative duties will include maintaining logs of all boats on the water, when launched and when returned, and noting any damage or maintenance required by the rowing shells as well as the saftey boat. Other duties would include the installation and removal of marker buoys to establish training and racing courses on the water.

Job requirements

The position will require:
-a valid pleasure craft operator’s license;
-first aid training;
-water rescue training;
-LTR coach;
-valid driver’s license

Education Post-secondary student in the current and upcoming year

Other Skills Experience in client services and/or coaching a team

Bilingual an asset

Applicants must be able to swim

Application Please send a letter and a resume to by May 26, 2018.

Information session this weekend

 2018 Rowing PEI Information and Registration – this weekend!

Saturday April 28, 2018 10 :30 a.m. – 2 :00 p.m.

Sport P.E.I. House of Sport

40 Enman Crescent – Room 234*note change

Competitive/Advanced Fitness *new this year

Under the guidance of a former high performance rower and coach, we will be offering a program for those 16 to 100 years old, male and female, who are interested in taking their fitness abilities to the next level. Workout times/days will be determined by the training group and boat availability.

L2 Training Sessions *new this year

All L2s are invited to take part in a safety refresher and an introduction to our new Skills and Drills package. We will share some fun ways to amp up your rowing experience as well as introducing our new Double on the Dock option, allowing even more flexibility to get out on the water.

The first session will be Saturday April 28th from 2-4 p.m. at the House of Sport, right after our registration. Please email Nancy at to sign up. There will be more sessions in May and June.


If you have completed Learn to Row in any previous year, you can purchase a punch card for 4 rows for $100 in 2018.

If you decide you want to become a member for the rest of the 2018 season, the $100 will be subtracted from your $330 membership fee.

This is ideal for someone who wants to get back into rowing after a break, or if you aren’t sure how this year’s schedule will work out for you.

Learn to Row 2018

Cost of Learn to Row is $130

The first training sessions for the Learn to Row will be either:

Saturday June 9th 12:30-4:30 p.m. or Saturday June 16th 12:30-4:30 p.m.

Other membership categories and fees are available here:

Rowing PEI members will be on hand on Saturday to answer your questions and help you to register.

You can also register online.

SAVE THE DATES! The docks go in at the Charlottetown Yacht Club on Saturday May 5th and the plan is to bring our boats to the dock on Saturday May 12th.

Red Island Regatta – Saturday August 25, 2018!! SAVE THE DATE!

Red Island Coastal Rowing Tour – Sunday August 26, 2018

If you no longer want to receive emails from Rowing PEI, we are happy to remove you from our list!

Here’s to a great 2018 season!

Hope to see you soon.

Rowing PEI Board – Daphne Dumont, Brian Higgins, Nancy Russell, Lea Bryden, Joeanne Woodard

Fun, challenging and exhilarating: Canadian masters rower pumped by coastal championship experience

Michelle Boss can’t wait to watch the world’s best coastal rowers compete in her home waters in Victoria, British Columbia. The competition stirs fond memories for Boss, who competed at two world coastal championships – Istanbul in 2010 and Bari, Italy in 2011. “Each experience was different but I loved it both times. There is an interesting mix of rowing skill and nautical experience that apply. Some of the racers had one or the other, but the top coastal rowers have both.”

Racing in the women’s single sculls at the 2011 World Rowing Coastal Championships in Bari, Italy

Boss started rowing in 2004 after her karate club closed and she was looking for a new sport. In 2010, she entered a 42-kilometre race in Lac St. Jean, Quebec. That experience didn’t end well as the weather turned bad, her crew experienced epic waves out on the large lake and the boats took on water. Although they weren’t in coastal boats at the time, she still found something appealing about the experience and the concept of ocean rowing.

Boss believes the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Victoria is a great opportunity for Canadian rowers, “I think anyone who rows and has a bit of a sense of adventure can try coastal rowing. It’s especially true if you also have a bit of experience being in waves for example when kayaking, sailing or surfing.” “I went to Istanbul with almost zero coastal rowing experience. While I wasn’t as fast as those with experience, I learned a lot, had fun and met a great community of coastal rowers from around the world.”

Boss now works for Rowing Canada as a National Team Coordinator. She’s also part of the organizing committee for WRCC 2018. “Hopefully I can help the organizing committee put on an event that allows lots of rowers experience the excitement of coastal rowing.” She’s particularly excited about the venue and what it will offer to coastal rowers from around the world. “I think the location here on the west coast will provide for some interesting racing. While we don’t have the bigger rolling waves like I experienced in Istanbul or Bari, our little islands and channels create currents and chop that is really fun and can be quite challenging.”

World Rowing featured a story on Michelle in December 2011!

Coastal rowing is growing in Canada!

Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club sets sights on World Rowing Coastal Championships

Members of the Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, are thrilled that nearby Victoria will host the World Rowing Coastal Championships in October. Salish Sea is already putting together plans to train crews for the event and hopes it will attract even more rowers to “go coastal”.

“This will be the first time that the World Championships in coastal rowing has ever been held in North America, and is a huge boost for coastal rowing in Canada,” said Annette O’Shea, president of the Salish Sea club. “This is an opportunity for Canadian rowers to take on the world and compete in the most beautiful coastline anywhere.”

“We started the club because we are excited about getting out on the ocean, experiencing the solitude and independence,” said founding member Rebecca Berger. “Big waves or small, our fleet is seaworthy in most weather conditions.” Salish Sea started with a fleet of three Euro Diffusion boats, built to excel in waves and rougher water than any flat-water rowing shell can handle. They now have a quad, a double and a single.They have also added a Maas and Liteboat. Club organizers say their fleet of coastal boats allows Salish Sea members to row in more weather conditions, more days of the year, and longer duration rows than any other rower.

“Our dream has always been to share our beautiful coastline with other rowers, and share a more diverse rowing experience with flat water rowers,” said Annette O’Shea. “To row with whales, seals and porpoise, and to row through a school of migrating salmon is a privilege that is distinctive to coastal rowers.” Their motto: the ocean is our playground. “We wanted to create a club that could take advantage of the rougher and windier conditions that happen frequently in English Bay.”

Salish Sea Board members Jenn Weterings, Rebecca Berger and Annette O’Shea travelled to Victoria on January 2, 2018 to add their support to the Canadian bid to host the Championships. “It was a dream at the time of the club’s inception to host the World Championships in Canada and on the West Coast.” The club hopes to send crews to the WRCC 2018 in Victoria and are hoping the opportunity to train for a world championship will inspire some Vancouverites to give coastal rowing a try. “We are going to field some very strong crews and make Canada proud,” said O’Shea.

Salish Sea plans to offer new, specialized crew development programs starting in the coming weeks, for a select number of athletes. They are also hoping to welcome coastal rowers from around the world to Vancouver. They are working with the organizing committee to offer visitors a chance to add on a trip to Salish Sea as part of their WRCC 2018 experience. “We look forward to welcoming rowers from around the world this year, as the World Championships arrive in Victoria,” said Berger. “Big waves or small, we are bounded only by the limits of our imagination and endurance.”

The Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club (SSCR) is based out of Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver.

Salish Sea is a large area of coastal waters off the south coast of British Columbia stretching to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., officially designated in 2010. The name refers to the language of the indigenous groups that originally occupied the area.


To find out more, check out Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club on Facebook or

Coach and Umpire Courses

Coach Courses

Row NS will hosting three upcoming opportunities for coach training. The Learn to Row Coach Workshop is the entry workshop for coached. This is a great opportunity for those who are thinking about coaching this summer to get an introduction to coaching. The RCA Coach Weekend 1 is for current coaches to continue along the RCA Coach Pathway and develop their coaching skills and become more knowledgeable.

  • Learn to Row Coach Workshop – April 7-8 at St. FX University in Antigonish – $100
  • Learn to Row Coach Workshop – May 19-20 at Oakwood House in Dartmouth – $100
  • RCA Coach Weekend 1 – March 23-25 at Oakwood House in Dartmouth – $150

More information

Registration for all coaching courses must be completed using The Locker.  If you have any questions please contact

Umpire Course

Row NS will hosting an umpire clinic for individuals interested in becoming an umpire. Umpires are essential for the hosting, running and ensuring fair and safe regattas. This clinic is for those who are interested in becoming an assistant umpire for Row Nova Scotia or just want to have a better understanding of the rules of racing.

  • Level 1 Assistant Umpire Clinic – May 5 at Sport Nova Scotia in Halifax – free

Please email Linda Lee to register or learn more about attending.

More information

First ever Red Island Indoor Rowing Challenge a success!

We had a small but enthusiastic group at our first ever Red Island Indoor Rowing Challenge. It was a ton of fun and will definitely be repeated next February. Jason Steeves has already challenged anyone to come out and beat his personal best 2k time today of 7:26. Lots of people had personal bests today with the excitement of the cheering crowd! Thanks to everyone who helped, especially technology wiz Stephen Mellish.

The highlight of our first ever Red Island Indoor Rowing Challenge was the 2k team relay! Four rowers each do 500 metres and good transitions are key. We had 3 teams and lots of team spirit with bragging rights on the line for 2018.